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Old-age provision: Home ownership on the rise
Old-age provision: Home ownership on the rise

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Video: More seniors slip into homelessness as affordable housing crisis deepens 2023, February

Wohn-Riester is becoming a successful model for old-age provision.

The turnaround took place in 2012: Residential Riester, who started as a straggler in private retirement provision with state support, showed his strength. For the first time, more people opted for a home pension for old-age provision than for any other form of the so-called money riester (see graphic). With these contracts, the grants and savings flow, for example, into insurance or investment funds.

New chance

Five years ago, the federal government decided to promote the purchase of owner-occupied residential property - with residential Riester, also known as a home pension. More than a million people have already signed a residential Riester building society contract, more than half of them with LBS. However, many people who are actually eligible for funding do not yet know the numerous advantages.

Many advantages

The model is so attractive because you can already enjoy the subsidies for retirement in a flat you use yourself. It can also save a lot of taxes. If you want to know more, you will find an expert consultant on site at your LBS.

Grafik: Wohnriester versus Geldriester
Grafik: Wohnriester versus Geldriester

Started only five years ago, residential Riester now surpasses other Riester forms of contract. Source: BMAS

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