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Check first, then buy
Check first, then buy

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The apartment or house not only has to please you, it must also be attractive to tenants.

That is why you should carefully check the living and traffic situation, equipment and comfort as well as size and floor plan before buying. Are schools, kindergartens and supermarkets nearby? In any case, show your property to an expert before buying, who will carefully check the construction quality. If it is an existing property, do a thorough old building check or use the LBS modernization compass.

Legal conditions

Landlords should note that under new tenancy law, only rent increases of up to 20 percent are permitted in three years. So far, it was 30 percent. So-called qualified long-term rental contracts may continue to be concluded for more than five years in the future due to personal needs or planned renovation. Prerequisite: The landlord must state the specific reason for the limitation in the rental agreement. If this addition is missing, the tenancy is automatically concluded for an indefinite period. The previous "simple" time lease agreement no longer exists.

Pay attention to the speculation period * : Only after ten years is the profit from the sale of the apartment tax-free. Be sure to talk through your model with your tax advisor or income tax assistance association.

* State of law in 2002. Federal government plans change for 2003!


An LBS home loan offers the best conditions for financing, because it is low-interest and stable.

Your LBS will inform you online about the construction rate that suits you.

And from the comfort of your own home, you can conclude your home savings contract directly online

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