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When renting pays off
When renting pays off

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Leased property pays off for you if the tax progression and the rental return are correct and if you can expect an increase in value.

Find out about the property before buying. The real estate companies of LBS (LBSI) provide good clues about the regional price structures with their real estate market report, which appears once a year and is updated here.

Current property prices in 155 cities

The tenant associations provide information on the development of rents in the individual regions. If you want to get started with moderate capital, don't want to shoot in more money every month and want to earn money with rental income after a few years, you can rely on regions with a medium and good rental yield. If you want to sell a rented property at a profit after 10 or 15 years, you should look around in cities that offer good prospects for value increases. Metropolitan areas such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Munich are possible. The disadvantage: the prices for home ownership are high there; You have to invest a lot of capital and accept high monthly deficits.

Tax tip: rental to relatives

If you rent your house or apartment to relatives, the full rental cost must be at least 66 percent of the local rent. Otherwise you will lose valuable tax benefits.

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