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Modernization: owners build reserves
Modernization: owners build reserves

Video: Modernization: owners build reserves

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Video: Modernization Program for Official Statistics 2023, February

LBS loan advisor Werner Heyen explains how a renovation can be financed.

“If you postpone the renovation of your house, you risk damage to the building that can cost you dearly. To prepare for a renovation, it is best for owners to conclude a home savings contract early. With a building society contract that is ready for allocation, you can use your credit balance and the low-interest, low-interest LBS building society loan for a renovation at any time, even without state funding. 20 percent of the handicraft costs (maximum 1200 euros) can be claimed for tax purposes. Anyone who does not have a building society contract ready for allocation can finance a refurbishment using a government-sponsored loan from the KfW Bank. However, only start with the construction work once KfW has approved the funding, otherwise the funding will be canceled. For KfW loans, the combination with a building society contract is recommended. Because the low KfW interest rates only apply for the first ten years. In order to be prepared for high interest rates after the ten-year period has expired, you save a home savings contract and use the allotted home savings amount after ten years to repay the KfW loan in full. Since the state is already providing you with substantial support for KfW financing, you can no longer claim the craftsman costs against tax in this case.”

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