Young adults conservative when investing
Young adults conservative when investing

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On the occasion of World Savings Day on October 30, the LBS asked young adults about their savings goals. Your own home, your next vacation, retirement savings and your car are at the forefront. When choosing the investment products, they are guided by the parents, who are the preferred source of information with the Internet.

A majority of young adults, at least occasionally, set aside money for the unforeseen. The most important savings goals are your own home, your next vacation, retirement provisions and your car. This was the result of an online survey on behalf of the LBS among 500 trainees, students and professionals between the ages of 18 and 29.

Das Finanzverhalten junger Erwachsener
Das Finanzverhalten junger Erwachsener

The financial behavior of young adults is quite conservative, as the LBS survey showed.

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"The young generation remains conservative when it comes to choosing financial products, " said LBS spokesman Dr. Christian Schröder firmly: The current account is the current account, savings book, building society savings, call money and share deposit. Every second has already dealt with cryptocurrency. But only a third of young adults currently pay mostly cashless. “Not even one in five would dispense with bills and coins entirely,” says Schröder.

"Transparent", "safe and trustworthy" and "sustainable" are the most frequently mentioned requirements for an attractive savings product. Only two out of five respondents feel really secure about financial matters, a third even very insecure. They therefore seek advice on the Internet (59%), from parents (56%) and from the bank advisor (44%).

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