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The best tips for house inauguration
The best tips for house inauguration

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After a lot of work and sweating, the new home is finally ready. Now we want to show it to the whole world - or better not?

Table of contents Table of contents The best tips for house inauguration

  • International house inauguration customs
  • Inauguration: The guest list
  • The housewarming etiquette
  • 5 tips
  • Original sayings for house inauguration

Table of contents Table of contents The best tips for house inauguration

  • International house inauguration customs
  • Inauguration: The guest list
  • The housewarming etiquette
  • 5 tips
  • Original sayings for house inauguration

International house inauguration customs

When Americans inaugurate their new domicile, they heat it up vigorously at a "house-warming party". The French celebrate "la pendaison de crémaillère" - and mean the attachment of the rack to the fireplace, which served as a hanging device for pots. And we? Bring bread and salt to the house inauguration. Regardless of the customs, the first encounter with the neighbors is a sensitive matter.

Good to know: The topping-out ceremony is the second important tradition in Germany after the structural work has been completed and the roof structure has been erected. Nice builders have been giving this to the artisans since the 15th century - including beer, of course. When planning and celebrating the topping-out ceremony, a few rules also need to be observed.

Inauguration: The guest list

You invite all these strangers and suddenly they are standing in the door and want to know who you are and how you live. So what does the guest list look like? A few friends would make the situation with new neighbors more bearable. But not when the best friend has her drooling Rottweiler in tow or the colleague's husband gets one of his infamous fits of rage. Conceivably unfavorable - because once you have left the wrong impression, nothing can be saved. And so we also ask ourselves: What does the worn Persian carpet say about me? Where to put the Buddha figure from last vacation? And how can I quickly pimp the Billy shelf?

The housewarming etiquette

You can already hear yourself saying: "Oh, the old closet should actually be in the bulky waste …" Even worse: What if the neighbor looks into the untidy part? We could immediately pack the boxes again. Whereby: Spilled under an avalanche of odds and ends, the curious would no longer be able to say a snappy word.

No more horror scenarios! After all, you have a presentable husband (unless his humor flattens out due to alcohol), cute children (mostly) and a lot to tell. But that's exactly the point. If you stand in front of the crowd and announce: “My daughter likes to play drums, preferably before going to bed. And my husband's hobby is nudist lawn mowing”? Better: "We like to go on trips, preferably in the mountains for hiking." That sounds nice and gives the impression that we are too rarely at home to cause noise or other annoyance. What we will not be able to do: that the husband changes his humor and the children are good on command. We are what we are - there is seldom anything to be changed. Sooner or later the neighbors will experience us without the artificial hero mask. As in the comic, we would suddenly be just normal.

So what efforts are really worthwhile? Bring the guest toilet to a high gloss, conjure up a cozy atmosphere with candlelight, insert unobtrusive music (e.g. easy listening), serve delicious food. The rest is fate.

5 tips for the perfect house or apartment inauguration

1. Invite

Distribute the invitations about three weeks before your celebration. Are you not a fan of party favors (wind chimes, ceramic figures or similar)? A friendly note in the invitation is sufficient. Or instead want something practical, like beautiful houseplants.

2. Introduce

It can't hurt to make a little welcome speech. A few (possibly positive) words about you and your family offer the guests a starting point for a later discussion.

3. Be yourself

Do you find it difficult to keep order? Stand by and present your home in its "original state" - or start a big clean-up campaign. Whatever you choose, the kitchen and bathroom should be clean.

4. Treat guests

Only take over the catering yourself if you can still take care of your guests with confidence. Otherwise a catering service is the better choice. Practical for the occasion: small bites, for example finger food.

5. Thank you

If your guests have brought gifts, open them after the celebration. Thank you personally or put a postcard in the mailbox. With a funny saying you show humor.

Original sayings for house inauguration

A house is made of bricks and beams -

A home arises from hopes and dreams.

(English proverb)

In the end you are happy

your own four walls.

May all the time in it

there is satisfaction.


This house is clean enough to be healthy -

and dirty enough to be happy.

(Irish saying)

The best memories are those you still have in front of you.

(Roger Willemsen)

In a house where joy lives

happiness also likes to move in.

(Asian wisdom)

We wish that your new home becomes a place

where you can build castles in the air.

It should be your tree house

your houseboat, your adventure playground, your cuddly cave and

your cozy warm nest!


Have in this house

Children's laughter and happiness

more priority than

precise order and

petty cleanliness.


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