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Internet security: online banking
Internet security: online banking
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Video: Совет по безопасности при онлайн-банке - защитите платежи в интернет-банке 2023, February

Unfortunately, there is no one hundred percent security, despite the options described, but it can be increased significantly.

The right bank at home

Never save passwords or access numbers to the account on your computer, even if some online banking programs allow it. The safest way to encrypt transfers via the Internet is a card reader for your EC Maestro card, which is connected to the PC. Ask your bank about it, it is called the HBCI procedure.

The wrong bank somewhere

somewhere your bank will never send you an email to check your account balance. Such an email often contains a link to the supposed bank homepage. Your click does not end up at your bank, but on a page that looks like your bank. Enter your user data there with confidence and you are in the wrong hands. Such an attack is called "phishing". It is better to save the address of your bank homepage permanently in the internet browser - then you will land at the desired address.


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Credit card twins

Now you can finally do home banking safely - and still there are strange debits from your account? Then someone has your credit

card or account connection used - without spying on your computer. As the? Behind some of the attractive websites there is a one-man pit, possibly overseas. If you shop in such a shop and pay with a credit card, the malicious shopkeeper will be happy about your data and will happily go shopping. Therefore, only buy online from companies you know - Otto-Versand or Amazon


are not known for illegal activities. To be on the safe side, you only pay on invoice after delivery of the goods. When direct debit, you have to check your account turnover regularly and only then can wrong debits be returned. The same applies to sales with your credit card. Advance transfers are not recommended. If the dealer goes bankrupt or does not want to deliver, your money is gone. To avoid major damage, set a limit for online transfers at your bank. Another known payment method on the Internet is PayPal, which acts as a trustee between the buyer and seller (belongs to the company Ebay).

When shopping, you usually give your email address for receiving the order confirmation. Careful use another free mail account for this (e.g., GMX, Yahoo or Hotmail). Then unwanted advertising also only ends up in this mailbox.

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