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VoIP - making calls over the Internet: tips for frequent callers
VoIP - making calls over the Internet: tips for frequent callers

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For everyone who calls a lot abroad, VoIP at a flat rate is just the thing. You can not only hear your loved ones, but also see them.

Ideal: flat rate

With an Internet call, considerable amounts of data are generated because your words must be digitized and then transmitted. Large volumes quickly accumulate even with short calls. So if you want to make frequent calls over the Internet, you should definitely choose a flat rate. DSL time and especially volume tariffs are not suitable for this and can quickly make the whole thing more expensive than you suspect. In order for you to be reachable by phone over the Internet, your phone must be permanently connected to the network.

Keep old connection

An Internet telephone connection does not currently replace the conventional telephone connection. Internet telephony providers do not guarantee the constant availability of your services, and certainly not their quality. Sending and receiving faxes via the Internet is still not working satisfactorily. A DSL connection has the advantage that you can still be reached via the conventional telephone while surfing the Internet.

Special numbers & mobile network

Special numbers like 0180 cost extra, expensive 0137 or 0900 numbers cannot be used on the web. In order to use this chargeable service with your provider, you must provide a credit card number for billing or fill up a virtual account by direct debit or bank transfer. You can also select cellular networks, the prices are currently between 18 and 20 cents per minute. In the meantime, you can even be located using your Internet telephone number. This is important for emergency calls with 110 or 112. If your Internet phone number is used from home, this is noted with your provider, who will forward the emergency call to the nearest local answering station. If you use your connection on the go, this is of course no longer possible.

Call with picture

Video telephony is also interesting. You can finally see friends in the distance at affordable prices. It is particularly pleasant to see the partner for confidential conversations. A conventional webcam (a small video camera) is sufficient, it is simply connected to the computer. They even come with a built-in microphone and speaker. You clip them to the monitor and you can speak and listen freely. Services such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Skype or AOL offer the free option of communicating with each other via the Internet - with images and sound. Even conference calls can be set up. But then they cost extra (except for Yahoo).

Who does it

It is not entirely trivial to set up the connection to your telephony provider for the first time. But surely you have friends, children or grandchildren who can do this in no time, do you?

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