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Internet security: the perfect password
Internet security: the perfect password

Video: Internet security: the perfect password

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: RBC Cyber Security - Powerful Passwords 2023, January

The perfect password

If you are on Ebay or Amazon

Vulnerability email

Many contemporaries today do practically all of their mail by email. Carefree, they entrust their most intimate content, including data and passwords that do not concern foreigners. And forget completely: An email is as discreet as a postcard, everyone can read it. On its way through the Internet, it passes numerous servers of other companies, talented hackers can fish out any information that interests them from the email flow. That is why you should still use letter mail for confidential content. A reliable alternative to e-mail: the Deutsche Post e-mail letter.

How to use the internet safely

  • Activate data encryption (WPA or WPA2) on your Internet device (router, access point) and assign a new password.
  • Think of passwords that are difficult to guess for your Internet access and change them every few months.
  • Perform regular updates to the operating system and anti-virus software provided by the computer.
  • Delete emails from unknown senders and do not open suspicious email attachments such as files and programs.
  • Do not save confidential online banking credentials on your computer; it could be browsed by strangers undetected.
  • Pay for your internet purchases from unknown suppliers on account or cash on delivery.
  • Do not perform confidential actions such as online banking in Internet cafes on public computers.

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