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Security on the Internet: This way hackers have no chance
Security on the Internet: This way hackers have no chance

Video: Security on the Internet: This way hackers have no chance

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Video: Former NSA Hacker Reveals 5 Ways To Protect Yourself Online 2023, January

Internet banking, online shopping - how do you avoid crooks on the World Wide Web? Burglars do not necessarily have to pry open doors or break windows to get valuable items. A virtual intrusion into the computer is much more convenient these days. Account details, access data and credit card numbers are particularly in demand.

Digital watchdogs

Most computer burglaries often blame good faith users for their negligence. Or would you borrow your debit card and access number to every stranger? Internet security starts with the computer. Is it a Windows PC? Then for security reasons I recommend either the Windows Vista operating system or even better the new Windows 7. Older versions such as Windows XP or Windows ME are more vulnerable from today's perspective. Windows Vista or 7 are equipped with a well-functioning firewall: a program that only allows the desired information to be passed from the Internet to your PC. In addition, an anti-virus program should be installed that immediately detects and eliminates malicious programs. Operating systems and antivirus programs have to be constantly updated (usually happens automatically) in order to reliably ward off new malware.

Data Trojans

Internet fraudsters do not sneak onto your computer personally, but send seemingly harmless programs by e-mail that promise a profit, for example. If you then start such a Trojan, it will nest with you forever and report stored information to the fraudster without you realizing it. You should therefore delete emails from unknown senders immediately without opening any attachments. Many such programs can be accessed not only via the Internet on your home computer, but also as a pirated copy on a CD-ROM: The children buy supposed free games from friends or in the school playground that contain such fraudulent programs without their knowledge.

Wireless gateway

The second hurdle that a potential crook can take is your connection to the Internet. If you are connected to the web by cable, the connection is already quite well secured. The popular wireless Internet connections, however, are often open like a barn door - accessible to everyone. The problem is not the router or access point, but the disembodied connection to your laptop. Every technically gifted villain can read your entire internet communication with a laptop within a radius of up to 100 meters. All commercially available routers offer encryption against reading: First of all activate this security and assign a new password. You only call that to family members who also surf the Internet via WiFi. If this is forgotten, the neighbors' kids illegally download films or music via your Internet connection. And you are liable for not protecting your connection sufficiently.

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