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Household: Cook sparingly and cleverly
Household: Cook sparingly and cleverly

Video: Household: Cook sparingly and cleverly

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Gas or electric cooker, ceramic hob or induction? The new stoves have learned from each other and offer all kinds of comfort.

Some televisions need more electricity each year than an electric hob. Does anyone who likes to cook and cook often when choosing decent cooking equipment have to be embarrassed? Current devices are always more economical than their predecessors. Which type of device should I choose when buying a new one: gas stove, electric plate or induction field?

Gasherd von Gorenje
Gasherd von Gorenje

Cleaner-friendly: This gas hob of the ATAG series is coated with ceramic-based varnish for easy cleaning. By Gorenje

Photo: Gorenje

Gas stove

Professional chefs swear by gas, more precisely gas hobs and ovens. Because gas with its energy is fully available immediately after ignition, can be regulated quickly and easily - and you can see with the naked eye whether the flame burns too large or too small. As an energy source, it is more efficient and cheaper than electricity because gas is immediately converted into energy. It is also considered environmentally friendly because it emits less carbon dioxide, soot and smoke than other fossil fuels. A natural gas stove with comparable performance requires only half as much energy as an electric stove. Although gas stoves are more expensive to buy, the price difference melts after a few years due to higher electricity prices. Disadvantage: conventional hobs are more difficult to clean than a ceramic hob made of glass. Gas hobs are already arming themselves with a ceramic glass cover, are just as easy to clean, but can be regulated quickly and quickly. If you don't have a gas connection in your house, you can't avoid cooking with electricity.

Ceranfeld aus Glaskeramik
Ceranfeld aus Glaskeramik

Intelligent radiant heat field with 5 cooking zones, programmable e.g. automatic potato cooking. KM 5673, Miele

Photo: Miele

Electric cooktop

Radiant heating is nothing more than the good old cast-iron hotplate: the electricity is conducted through metal wires below the cooking surface, which heat the hob. It takes time until such a hob boils water. Savings experts therefore advise that water be removed from the hot water tank in order to accelerate heating and save energy.

This type of cooking (mostly with a glass ceramic hob) is the most common in Germany. It has gotten used to the fact that the water pot takes just 8-9 minutes to bubble. Likewise, the hob remains hot for a long time after being switched off - you can use this residual heat by switching off the stove 5-10 minutes before the end of the cooking time and letting the pan stand.

The classic hotplate is vigorously scrubbed off and colored in again with "stove shoe polish". Ceramic hobs can be easily cleaned with soap or scouring milk - unless sugar or the like has burned into the surface. No razor blade puller helps, the damage is permanent. So cleanliness is the order of the day - cleaning properly after every cooking process gives you the long pleasure of the ceramic hob.

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