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Caution, allergy: avoid irritants and clean gently
Caution, allergy: avoid irritants and clean gently
Video: Caution, allergy: avoid irritants and clean gently
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Cleaning up is a chore for many. But with overly sharp cleaners, cleaning can literally be caustic and trigger an allergy.

Basic rules

Cough, rash, burning eyes - when cleaning triggers discomfort, it spoils the joy of a clean apartment. Therefore, observe the basic rules: wear gloves, open the window, dispense detergent sparingly and then apply cream to your hands.

Standard funds serve their purpose

In most cases, mild all-purpose cleaners smell, often a damp microfiber cloth is sufficient. Classics have also proven their worth: for example sludge chalk as an abrasive or gall soap to prevent stains in textiles. In the fight against lime, vinegar essence is recommended. Handle it carefully, in high concentration it loads the mucous membranes. Therefore, dilute or rub areas with lemon. Note: Calcareous materials such as marble cannot tolerate acid.

Eliminate dangers

Spray bottles are practical, but the ingredients get into the airways more easily, increasing the risk of asthma. Better: put liquid on a sponge. Study the information on the package: fragrances? These often trigger allergies. Think about whether you can do without air fresheners.

Avoid excessive sharpness

Many specialists such as pipe, oven or grill cleaners fight aggressively against dirt. Take warnings like "caustic" or "irritant" seriously. Prevention often makes these means unnecessary: ​​with a drain strainer you prevent blockages, fresh or soaked surfaces are easier to remove than dried ones. Disinfectants are unnecessary in private households - unless a doctor recommends them.

Technology makes life easier

A built-in central vacuum cleaner can help allergy sufferers who are affected by dust: it pulls particles out of the rooms. Steam cleaners have the advantage that you can do without cleaning agents. And dirt-repellent nano-surfaces reduce the maintenance effort.

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