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Strategies against dust: new cleaning techniques
Strategies against dust: new cleaning techniques

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In the struggle for clean floors, the vacuum cleaner is still our most important ally. The manufacturers are constantly fine-tuning the details that increase efficiency and working comfort.

New flat screen, new cell phone? That just elicits a smile from our acquaintances. But how can we amaze our neighbors these days? How about this: While you help the visitors out of their coats, your robot vacuum turns around the corner, brakes in front of the guest casually, leaves the edge of the stairs to the left, strikes a hook in front of the dog and whispers to the battery station. The stalk eyes of your coffee wreath ladies cost you a slack 1, 300 euros, plus there is the automatic cleaning of carpets, tiles and parquet floors. The Robocleaner from Kärcher creates 15 square meters per hour - provided that it does not have to drive around too many chairs or table legs. Similar devices, much cheaper and without automatic dust disposal, are available from Roomba.

Power and consumption

Even if this seems unnecessarily futuristic to us, it is worthwhile from time to time to treat yourself to one or two innovations in cleaning technology. Every manufacturer has eco or eco versions in its program, energy-saving and quiet, with efficient air flow and an optimized electric motor. The engine power alone is of course not a criterion for thorough vacuuming. Nevertheless, many people pay particular attention to the wattage when buying and listen to the vacuum cleaners. It is believed that the louder the vacuum cleaner, the more thorough it is - an error about which manufacturers have been unsuccessful for a long time. Electricity consumption is also not an important criterion because such a vacuum cleaner swallows just one or two euros a month.

Handheld or floor device

It is still more important to choose between a hand or canister vacuum cleaner. In the handheld vacuum cleaner, the motor and dust bag are located in the handle column of the vacuum cleaner. The floor nozzle on these devices is often equipped with an electrically rotating brush -

This technique can be particularly advantageous on carpets and thick carpets, since the dirt is loosened and then sucked in at the same time. Cylinder vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are more handy. We only hold the suction pipe and floor nozzle in hand, we drag the rest afterwards on the suction pipe. Attachment nozzles make it an effective dust remover for furniture and upholstery.

Filters and dust bags

Dust-tight filter systems are a must for all systems today, which prevent fine dust that has just been laboriously sucked in from being carefully distributed throughout the room. Hepa particle filters even retain mite eggs and pollen. For example, Siemens uses washable membranes for some suction cups instead of Hepa paper filters. Advantage: You don't have to buy these filters, which are often quite expensive. In addition, the engine compartment is completely sealed by a patented system called Airsafe, thus preventing dust from escaping through joints and cracks in the housing. Siemens has with its new

Suction assistants have taken the automotive industry as a role model and rely on Aerodynamic. The air flow within the Z 6.0 series suction cup has been optimized and is intended to ensure significantly less turbulence. Its paddle wheels reach speeds of up to 800 km / h, almost the speed of sound in the living room - with reduced energy consumption at the same time. A particularly large dust bag holds up to 5 liters.

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