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Wine fridge and Co - How to store your wine properly
Wine fridge and Co - How to store your wine properly
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It doesn't have to be an air-conditioned cellar or a wine refrigerator for storing wine: if you have imagination, you can find a place for your favorite drops in the apartment.

Most wines in the price range up to 15 euros are ready to drink. They rarely benefit from years of storage, but tend to degrade. A classic wine cellar with a low temperature and high humidity is therefore only required for expensive premium wines. Bottles for normal connoisseurs can easily be stored in the normal cellar room and even in the apartment for a few months.

Wine fridge and co.: ways to store wine

The basic rules: Wine does not like bright light and easily absorbs strange smells. He prefers to tolerate constant room temperature (20 degrees) rather than significant temperature fluctuations. And he wants to be left alone - tremors are a horror to him.

The best place: A quiet, dark basement room is ideal. Please remove any existing potato stocks or opened paint buckets - otherwise the Riesling will smell exactly like that later! Cellarless people are looking for a quiet and not so warm place in the apartment. This is usually the bedroom. A couple of boxes under the bed shouldn't really bother you. For larger supplies, space-saving stacking under a staircase can be an option.

Wine racks: They are made of wood or metal, of clay, plastic and acrylic in every price range and for every taste - from the simple pine model to the spectacular designer design. Bottles with cork closures should always be stored horizontally, bottles with screw caps (they are becoming more and more popular) may also stand upright.

Wine cabinets: These are mini wine cellars, so to speak, practical, but not cheap. Your cooling unit works (unlike a normal refrigerator) without vibration. More expensive models of wine coolers have different climate zones for red and white wines. Even smaller devices can hold a few dozen bottles. The cost: from around 300 euros.

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