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Driving away pigeons: effective home remedies
Driving away pigeons: effective home remedies
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Chasing away pigeons - many people are looking for suitable methods. Pigeons are probably the most unpopular birds in Germany - some people literally freeze when one of the gray-blue-violet animals flies over their heads while strolling through the city: The "rats of the air" can transmit diseases, their droppings deface balconies, roofs, whole Streets. We give tips on which pigeon repellents are suitable and how they permanently scare the animals.

Table of contents Table of contents Chasing away pigeons: These measures promise success

  • Rules of conduct in the fight against the pigeons
  • Sell ​​13 home remedies for pigeons

Table of contents Table of contents Chasing away pigeons: These measures promise success

  • Rules of conduct in the fight against the pigeons
  • Sell ​​13 home remedies for pigeons

Pigeons are at home almost anywhere in the world. They are only found in the Arctic and Antarctic. The bird researchers have listed 42 genera, divided into 300 species. Only five of them live in Central Europe: wood pigeon, city pigeon, stock pigeon, turtledove and the so-called Turkish pigeon. Pigeons reproduce very quickly, their nests are quite uncomplicated constructions from branches, which they build in protected places like balconies, under eaves or on broad window ledges. After around two weeks, the youngsters are already fully fledged and leave the nest - and then soon mate themselves.

City dwellers in particular therefore often feel that the air space above their balcony is populated by a steadily growing armada of pigeons, who either steal the food from the table, build their nests next to the bedroom window, killing the house facade or the freshly planted tomato plants. Not to mention the permanent cooing of the birds, which can be perceived as a noise nuisance compared to the lovely lark of a lark. A pigeon fright is needed. But what really helps to prevent pigeons?

Rules of conduct in the fight against the pigeons

In order to master the deaf, your defense tactics must be based on the following principles:

  • Clean thoroughly: If pigeons find nothing to eat, they move on. So don't leave any crumbs, chips, nuts or grains of bread on your balcony or terrace. If you live directly in the city, maybe even near a café or a grocery store, you can try to speak to the shopkeepers and ask them, but during the opening hours, especially after work, to sweep around the shop and everyone Empty trash can. Customers who feed the pigeons can talk to them about their misconduct. In many cities, uncontrolled feeding is prohibited.
  • Play poltergeist: Use the pigeons' escape instinct for yourself. The birds remember where they are threatened or disturbed again and again and then no longer fly to this post.
  • Stay lawful: Guns and chemical substances are forbidden in the pigeon defense! You must not shoot the animals, poison them or try to injure them. This includes sprays that glue the feathers of the animals and feed bait as well as the supposedly legal hunting of the animals by people with a hunting license. Pigeons may only be shot with a special permit. Even lay traps should not be used by laypeople.
Fressende Tauben
Fressende Tauben

Pigeons love crumbs. Make sure that nobody stays on your terrace if you don't want to have pigeons there.

Photo: iStock / ElectoneXSeries

Sell ​​13 home remedies for pigeons

1. Remove the nest

Immediately if you notice where the pigeons frolic or even start to nest, you should destroy the branch construction. Put on gloves and a face mask. The longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that the nesting site will be populated by other pigeons.

2. Plastic spikes

Line your window ledges, railings or the roof with plastic spikes. As a result, the pigeons can no longer land. You can buy the spikes at the hardware store or online. The do-it-yourself version is not recommended: pets or children can be seriously injured on self-made boards with protruding nails.

3. Tension wire

A tension wire system could help you in the garden. This will also prevent pigeons from landing and scare them. They are already available for purchase or online instructions on how to build them yourself with nylon cords and small hooks.

4. Wind turbines

Plug in wind turbines in your flower pots or in the garden soil. Unpredictable movements scare and drive away the pigeons.

5. Make pigeon fright

Get creative - build mobiles from old CDs and DVDs or from aluminum foil. Tie several CDs together with a ribbon and attach them to a branch or bamboo stick, for example. You should still be able to turn or the aluminum foil strips should flutter in the wind. With this trick, too, you use the animal's instinct to flee through unpredictable movements and reflection. Aluminum foil also rustles - this noise is also a pigeon fright. Replace the CDs, DVDs, and the aluminum foil regularly - as soon as you see that they are fading. If your neighbor does not feel disturbed, you can also hang up a wind chime with long, shiny metallic pipe pipes.

6. Let your pet out

Leave yours Pet in the garden or on the balcony. One or the other cat will definitely try to capture a pigeon - or at least it will actively drive it away. But it is more about the animal moving, which the pigeons cannot control. Dogs also like to bark at pigeons - birds don't like that either.

Katze auf dem Balkon
Katze auf dem Balkon

As long as your cat is guarding the balcony, no pigeon will land there.

Photo: iStock / Pierre Aden

7. Spread out animal hair

Dog or cat hair placed on the balcony also pigeons. But be careful: the birds quickly get used to smells. You should change the remedy more often. Butyric acid is not recommended.

8. Plastic ravens

Make a plastic raven or the plastic version of another large bird (owl, hawk, buzzard et cetera) on your window ledges or the balcony railing. Attach the part well. If it is knocked over by a gust of wind and falls on a passer-by's head, you stick. Important: Place the dummies regularly in a different place. Otherwise the pigeons realize that it is not a real enemy.

9. Water gun

Pick up the water gun. You can fight individual pigeons well with a targeted water jet. Aim for the body or feet, not the head. In the garden you can chase away unwanted guests with a bucket of water that you pour in the direction of the animals.

10. Electrical systems

Low voltage electrical systems are less suitable for balconies and gardens. But supermarkets or restaurants could do their neighbors a favor.

11. Ultra or infrasound

Some pigeons plagued rely on ultrasound and infrasound waves. The problem is that they can be heard not only by the pigeons, but also by other animals, such as your dog. And like the pigeons, these tones are also not very pleasant for your dog. In addition, pigeons quickly get used to new sounds and ignore them after a short time. Experts therefore advise against the use of sound devices, especially in apartment buildings.

12. Pigeon net

Hang your balcony with a pigeon net from. Not a pretty sight - but in an emergency in areas heavily populated by pigeons, an effective method to keep the birds out. Until the mobiles are made or the plastic raven has been delivered.

13. Get help

If nothing else helps and the pigeons cannot be driven out, call the responsible authority of the city administration and ask for help. If all pigeon-stricken people report there, the city has to rethink their pigeon concept and deal with pest control in an emergency. You can of course call the professionals yourself for your balcony or garden.

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