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Green electricity: Which seals of approval exist, how the change works
Green electricity: Which seals of approval exist, how the change works
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Seal of approval should help us to cut a swath through the thicket of providers. Unfortunately, too many institutions award their own seals.

They are guided by different ecological philosophies and use strict or less stringent requirements: A customer does not know how much real eco there is behind a label. He has to compare the criteria individually and evaluate them for himself. Overall, the following seals of approval enjoy a good reputation:

Green electricity (GSL)

Experts usually recommend this seal. The label, launched by various nature, environmental and consumer protection associations, sets the strictest standards: Electricity providers with the GSL seal commit to investing a cent per kilowatt hour in new regenerative systems, which automatically reduces the proportion of gray electricity. So we can be sure that we are getting “good” green electricity. The reverse is not true, of course, because certification is voluntary. So there are serious green electricity providers who have chosen a different label.

OK power

This seal is carried by the Öko-Institut, the WWF and the Consumer Center NRW. The aim of this label is also to guarantee “additional environmental benefits”. The seal is only awarded if a third of the electricity comes from plants that are not older than six years. This should create an incentive to build new environmentally friendly plants. Experts criticize that the providers certified with "OK Power" are allowed to trade in RECS certificates.

TÜV seal The seal of the Technical Monitoring Association decorates the majority of the eco tariffs. No wonder, because the TÜV requirements are comparatively moderate. Whoever strives for this seal must prove where the electricity comes from. He also undertakes to put part of the revenue into the promotion of renewable energies. However, the TÜV does not impose specific requirements on how to do this.

How does the switch to green electricity work?

You simply have to fill in and sign the form of the new electricity producer - usually the new provider does everything else: the termination of the old contract, the data exchange and meter reading. Fears that there will be a transition period without “juice” due to the change are unfounded. Last tip: Do not go into offers where you commit to prepay the annual amount. If the company goes bankrupt, your money can be wasted.

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