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Winter check: structure and roof
Winter check: structure and roof

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Video: How does efficient flat roof insulation work? Concepts from a construction site with Neopor 2023, January

Moisture endangers many roofs. Roofing membranes have only been protecting roof trusses since the 1960s. Therefore, you should look closely at the top.

Structure and roof

  • Are there damp spots around windows, on rafters, undersides of roof grooves, flight holes, piles of drilling dust from wood pests?
  • Beam rotten, cracked, infected by fungi? Petrol-like smell? Wood expert examined.
  • Check connections on chimney, windows and dormers for damp places. Replace all cracked and missing bricks on dry days and adjust all moved bricks.
  • Is the snow thawing faster than around it in some places above the roof? There it loses more heat - check the insulation.
  • Warning: asbestos! Be careful when demolishing materials containing asbestos. So-called soft asbestos is particularly dangerous. It occurs in fire protection and insulation boards or as spray asbestos. In any case, leave the work to specialist companies. Because even when demolishing asbestos cement, carcinogenic fibers are released. Dispose of correctly: do not mix waste containing asbestos. Use only tear-resistant plastic film or bags as packaging. Exclusively tested and approved specialist companies with disposal of the

    Order special waste. For small quantities: ask at the recycling center.

  • Remove any leaves from the gutter at the beginning of winter and, if necessary, flush the downpipe with a hose. Otherwise, water from blocked pipes and gutters will moisten the outer wall and even splash under the roof tiles. Scoop out easily accessible channels, clean and possibly paint. For higher channels, there are telescopic poles plus special brooms and scrapers. This can be used to bridge two floors. Always work away from the downpipe.
  • Self-regulating heating tapes in the gutter prevent icing, snow guards keep avalanches in check.

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