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How we heat: Four testimonials
How we heat: Four testimonials

Video: How we heat: Four testimonials

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Heating is expensive. Four families show how modern technology can save energy. In new buildings through good planning - and in old buildings by modernizing the system.

Most heating systems in Germany are outdated. Of the 17 million central heating systems, only one in ten is up to date. Because on average it takes almost a quarter of a century to send the craftsman to the boiler room for renovation.

Saving potential

Those who modernize now save immediately. Replacing an old boiler with a modern gas or oil condensing boiler saves around 25 percent. If you combine the new heat generator with collectors, free solar energy warms an average of 60 percent of the process water.


Modern technology is used anyway in a new building. If you want to save more, you should insulate much better than prescribed by the EnEV. A ventilation system should be installed in well insulated houses. This ventilates in a precisely metered manner, extracts almost all of the heat from the used exhaust air and thus tempers the cold fresh air.

The most important question is often: Which energy source has a future? Anyone who uses free environmental heat for heating is on the safe side, but must expect significantly higher investment costs.

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