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Power guzzlers: switch off
Power guzzlers: switch off

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Is “really” out?

Many devices have an off button, but you cannot always be sure that they really are no longer connected to the network. If you still feel heat in the device for a long time after switching it off, this is a sure sign that it is still secretly consuming electricity. A timer can provide these devices at the desired time.

Timer recordings

Some savings, however, have already noticed: Switching off the video or DVD recorder does not make sense if you want to automatically record programs - to do this, these devices must be on standby, including the digital satellite or cable set-top box. And not all of them can be put into full action by the timer from deep sleep. Some even forget their timer programming as soon as they are taken off the network. They have to be live, for better or worse. The classic power connector with switch-off button is of little help, even if you cleverly hang it on a timer. The most exclusive high-tech solution is the power strip with built-in network interface: This allows you to control the devices in the home network from the computer.

Saving in the habitual position

Good DVD recorders or satellite receivers have a rechargeable battery that bridges the power failure or memory modules that keep their information even when the power is off. Such ballasts for televisions are connected between the television and the socket. When the television is done, the ballast completely disconnects it from the mains; wake him up from deep sleep with the remote control.

Replace old devices

The older your consumer electronics are, the more electricity they are likely to use. A new purchase can quickly pay for itself here - similar to the old refrigerator.

The manufacturers are on the move

Manufacturers are reluctant to get on the energy-saving train, even though they have all the trump cards in hand. "Real" off switches would be a blessing, but make the devices more expensive by a few euros or reduce ease of use. From the manufacturer's point of view, consumers pay for the electricity - and not for themselves. Of course, there are already devices that need less than one watt of energy in standby mode, which costs about 1.20 euros per year. A good step in the right direction. Devices with the GEEA Energy label consume a maximum of 1 watt in standby mode.

Good advice

The electricity costs used in this article, of course, vary just as much as the prices of the providers themselves - they are only intended to give you an indication of the comparison. If you heed at least part or maybe even all of the advice mentioned here, the next electricity bill could be so much lower that an extended holiday is in it, so you saved several hundred euros. Finally, take a look at the current petrol price

exactly where it is cheapest. And then you can also enjoy a good environmental conscience.

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