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Saving energy costs: producing electricity yourself
Saving energy costs: producing electricity yourself

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The legislator has restricted subsidies for renewable energies. For homeowners, it can still be worthwhile to generate green electricity on your own.

At first glance, you might think that self-generated electricity is no longer worthwhile. The feed-in tariff for new photovoltaic systems shrank to around a quarter within a decade. The latest reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in August 2014 once again significantly reduced the remuneration. In the opinion of David Wedepohl from the Federal Association of the Solar Industry, the reduction in the feed-in tariff is understandable: "After all, the prices of photovoltaic systems have also dropped dramatically in recent years." The price of solar modules even fell by over 80 percent. This means that electricity from the roof is cheaper than electricity from the socket, which has become increasingly expensive for years. So own electricity can already pay off today. Especially since private producers (unlike industrial companies) remain completely exempt from the EEG surcharge for their own electricity.

Consuming instead of feeding into the public network is the order of the day. Instead of handing over the kilowatt hour generated for less than 13 cents and then buying the electricity for 30 cents / kWh from a supplier, it pays to consume the electricity you have produced yourself. The greater the share of own electricity in consumption, the better. With a 5 kW system on their own home, a family can easily cover 30 to 40 percent of their electricity consumption from their own production. This percentage can even be increased by up to 70 percent with a clever strategy and a strong storage battery.

Follow the sun Anyone installing or expanding a system should consider an east-west orientation. In this way, the energy is generated more evenly throughout the day - especially in the morning and in the evening. So when the households consume a lot of energy, the cheap solar power is available.

Adapting behavior This is how you benefit from the abundant self-generated electricity that washes when the sun is shining.

Using helpers Time switches can be used to control electricity consumption in a sensible manner.

Provision of electricity Batteries make own electricity available 24 hours a day - at an ever better price.

Manufacturer-independent information about solar power storage:

How self-catering can do the math

1 kilowatt hour from your PV system costs you (over 20 years) around 30 cents - which currently corresponds to the price of electricity. If the price of electricity increases in the future, you save the difference.

Wie Selbstversorger rechnen können
Wie Selbstversorger rechnen können

How self-catering can do the math

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