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Halloween from A to Z: Everything about the scary party
Halloween from A to Z: Everything about the scary party
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Some things you already knew and a lot of new things - with this clear Halloween ABC you are ready for the eerily beautiful scary party.

A - All Hallows' Eve

(All Saints 'Day): This is the evening before All Saints' Day. The term “Hallowe'en” or later “Halloween” goes back to this expression.

B - bed rest

According to ancient pagan belief, the dead can go back to the place of their former life the night before All Saints' Day. The Celts went to bed early that night for fear of unsightly encounters with the deceased.

C - Christian custom:

Halloween is an originally ecclesiastical event that has changed over the course of history.

D - decoration

Since the 1990s, the festival has also become increasingly popular in Germany. In the meantime, you can see numerous houses that are decorated in a creepy Halloween manner.

E - Thirty-first October

This day is popular as "Halloween" for young and old and is increasingly celebrated as a scary scary party.

F - feast

In order to honor the dead and make them mild, a lavish meal with all sorts of delicacies was prepared for them that night according to old custom. Without tasting it, you went to bed early.

H - home visit

Today, at dusk, children and young people with the well-known reputation of "trick or treating" move from house to house and beg for all kinds of delicacies.

I - Irish origin

From there, "Halloween" conquered the world. The custom even reached America through emigrants.

J - "Jack o'Lantern"

The glowing pumpkin face is the most popular symbol of the autumn festival today. It was named after the story of an Irish impostor who is neither welcome to heaven nor hell after his death and has been wandering about with his self-made "vegetable lantern" ever since.

K - pumpkin

The hollowed-out pumpkin, lit with a candle inside, is not just the halloween symbol par excellence, the popular autumn vegetable is a real all-rounder - whether as a creepy Halloween decoration or deliciously prepared, there is something for everyone.

L - light

In America, the following applies: Children are only allowed to ring the bell on the veranda and call for sweets with the exclamation "Trick or Treat".

M - Mark

The pumpkin market, which was hollowed out for the decorative pumpkin, can be wonderfully used as a pumpkin soup.

N - night

The annual hauntings begin at nightfall. Now they move around again: big and small witches, vampires, ghosts and skeletons.

O - orange

Inspired by the pumpkin, the decoration for the Halloween party is orange and black. Tip: Orange balloons on which creepy grimaces are painted with a black pen.

P party

The best way to celebrate Halloween with friends. In our Halloween special we have a lot of creative and useful instructions about the spooky autumn festival.

Q - Queen

The queen of the Halloween parties is Heidi Klum without a doubt. Year after year, she invites the celebrities to her famous costume festival and impresses with breathtakingly elaborate disguises.

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R - recipes

At a Halloween party, of course, the right culinary delights should not be missing. How about B. with creepy cheesecake? You can find the recipe here.

S - "Samhain"

The Irish-Celtic festival, at the end of the fertile summer, has been celebrated on October 31 for around 500 years.

T - "Trick or Treat"

Translated this means something like "Bring the candy or there is trouble". If a whole bunch of little monsters will ring on October 31st and horror figures at your front door should be well stocked.

V - cladding

There are no limits to your imagination, whether creepy or scary. There are numerous variants that come into question on Halloween. You can find a little inspiration here.

W - winter

According to ancient Celtic belief, the "All Hallows' Eve", better known today as Halloween, is followed by the long, barren winter.

X - X different

… there are ways to dress up. Everything about the scary costume and the matching accessories is available in the online specialist shop.

Y - youngster

Originally a Celtic custom, Halloween is very popular these days, especially among the younger generation.

Z - squeamish

Shouldn't be one, because the scariest characters hang out on Halloween. At the time of the “Samhain”, you disguised yourself in the belief that the fear of the forms fades once you are stuck in the skin of a spirit.

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