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Suggestions? How many holes does a wall need?
Suggestions? How many holes does a wall need?

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It is loud, it is dirty, it strains the nerves. Nevertheless everyone does it: drilling holes is a popular sport - with nasty pitfalls.

The man stares at the white wall

there is a hammer drill in his hands. He takes a deep breath and nods to his wife. She stands next to him and holds the vacuum hose in one hand and the rest of the device in the other. She hastily presses the button on his sign - just don't do anything wrong and irritate the tense husband. After hours of debate about the optimal space for the new picture, it is slightly over-the-top. The vacuum cleaner howls, with shaky hands the man puts on the drill and presses the trigger. The eardrum tearing noise sets the tone for a tough fight - man against concrete. Sweat flows, curses fall, muscles cramp, in the end the picture hangs. And the house blessing? The two look exhausted at their work. Then she says the sentence that makes the husband's eyelid twitch dangerously: "You, bear - don't you think it would have looked better on the other wall?"

Right here is the crux of drilling,

once the metal spiral has eaten into the wall, the result can hardly be undone. Accurate filling is of little help - a flaw remains. And the boring question: is it really necessary to mess up something as perfect as a white wall with holes? What can not go wrong when armed people penetrate the unknown depths of walls, stucco ceilings or even bathroom tiles?

Crumbling plaster is the smallest problem

It becomes more difficult when concrete is bricked up where nobody expects it. Without proper equipment, the borehole suddenly becomes a crater. It is also exciting when the drill and the line come into conflict. From the fuse that was blown out to the evacuation of the entire house, every scenario is conceivable, depending on what the drill found - water, electricity or gas network? Better that a line tester would have found it beforehand; it should be part of the mandatory equipment. And when it comes to drilling tiles, gross motorists can pack up straight away. You have to be very sensitive: you can only reach your goal at low speed and even less pressure. An adhesive tape over the drilling point helps to save the tile from breaking.

If people don't have a natural inhibition,

to touch a pristine, innocent hand and drill? Holes are actually quite antiquated - as if nothing new had occurred to us since the early Stone Age (except for the hammer drill with 2, 000 revolutions per minute). In the meantime there are adhesives with adapter devices that hold up to 20 kilos and can usually be removed without residue. And pictures even make a special figure when they are on the floor: leaning against the wall, they can be rearranged as you please. If the floor seems unsuitable for the presentation of your Picasso, you should put (or place it on) a setup rail. It also has to be dowelled on the wall, but it gives your favorite pictures a stylish and flexible hold for a lifetime. And withstands every female redecorative mood. Only our berserk lust for drilling holes - that will be left behind.


What is to be considered?

Take rest periods into account. These are often laid down in the rental agreement or in the house rules. In general, there is a strict night's sleep from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Very noisy devices should only be used between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. On Sundays and public holidays, the drill (and neighbors) can be left completely at rest. If in doubt, talk to your next door - this saves unnecessary trouble.

How do you properly fill?

The best way to close dowel holes is to pull the filler onto a large syringe. This way it reaches the far corner and completely fills the hole. When everything is dry, rub the area with

fine sandpaper smooth.

Silicone is the right material to fill holes in the bathroom. There is special sanitary silicone for damp rooms, this contains an extra mold protection.

What are the alternatives?

Adhesive can replace the drill particularly well on tiles. This holds up to 20 kg weight ( Tesa power strips are sufficient for light objects (towel hooks).

Setup rails ( are a stylish way of putting pictures on the wall. Or you can hang the works of art on rails under the ceiling - with invisible nylon ropes.

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