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Tinker autumn leaves: paper leaf decoration
Tinker autumn leaves: paper leaf decoration

Delicate rosé is good for autumn leaves, we think - and decorate a branch with twigs with homemade leaves.

We need:

  • firm paper or cardboard for the stencils
  • Leaf motifs or real leaves as template templates
  • gray and pink papers (plain and patterned, e.g. also sheet music)
  • a beautifully branched branch
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Tesa film crystal clear

How to do it:

1. Use the sheet templates to make templates from the solid paper (each with a longer petiole). With their help, transfer the sheet contours to the colored papers.

2. Carefully cut out the leaves.

3. Wrap the petioles around the branches and fix them with scotch tape.

Blätterdeko aus Papier
Blätterdeko aus Papier

Leaf decorations made of paper

Photo: tesa

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