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Knitting DIY: knitted egg caps
Knitting DIY: knitted egg caps

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You need:

  • Bingo and Bingo Melange (100% virgin wool Merino Fine, barrel length 80 m / 50 g)
  • 50 g olive mottled each (col. 206)
  • Taupe (Fb. 220)
  • Petrol blue mottled (col. 225)
  • Fuchsia mottled (col. 231)
  • Mustard (col. 163)
  • Red violet (col. 128)
  • Opal green (col. 164)
  • Knitting needle game No. 4.5
  • Pompom maker,
  • blunt darning needle

Stitch sample:

Knitted with needles No. 4.5 in a rib pattern, 20 stitches and 26 rows slightly stretched make 10 x 10 cm.

Rib pattern:

Knit 2 stitches alternately, 2 stitches alternately on the left. Approx. 9 cm high (without pompom)

How to do it:

  1. Cast on 8 needles for the egg warmer with the desired color on 4 needles (= 32 stitches in total). Connect the stitches to a round and knit in a rib pattern. After 8 cm from the stop = 20 rounds for the top of the hat, knit 2 stitches together in each right rib = 24 stitches. Now work 1 round 1 stitch on the right, 2 stitches on the left. In the next round knit together the 2 left stitches on the left = 16 stitches.
  2. Cut the thread about 20 cm long and thread it into the darning needle. Use this to grasp all stitches and at the same time lift them off the knitting needles. Tighten the thread firmly so that the opening closes. Turn the hat to the left side, pierce the needle and sew the thread well on the inside.
  3. Wrap a pompom with a diameter of approx. 3 cm with the pompom maker or 2 cardboard discs. Sew this on the tip.

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