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Knitting DIY: knit cable pillow
Knitting DIY: knit cable pillow

Video: Knitting DIY: knit cable pillow

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Video: DIY Cable Knit Pillow | Step - by - Step Tutorial | Knitting House Square 2023, February

You need:

  • Merino Air (90% new wool, 10% polyamide, barrel length 130 m / 50 g)
  • per pillow case 150 g each in violet (col. 13) and anthracite (col. 3) or petrol (col. 15) and anthracite (col. 3)
  • Knitting needles no.5.5
  • washable pillow filling, 40 x 65 cm

Mesh samples:

In the rib pattern and with needles No. 5.5, 17 stitches and 25.5 rows result in 10 x 10 cm, in the cable pattern 24 stitches and 25.5 rows result in 9 x 10 cm.

Rib pattern:

Work 1 stitch left and 1 stitch alternately in rows. Knit all stitches in the wrong side. Work the cable pattern according to the knitting script. The numbers on the right indicate the rows, knit the stitches in the back rows as they appear. Knit over 20 stitches in width, increasing 4 stitches in the 3rd row as shown. In the height the 1st – 16th Work row 1x, then the 5th – 16th Repeat row continuously. (40 x 64 cm)

How to do it:

  1. Cast on 72 stitches in purple for the front. Divide the stitches in the back row like this: edge stitch, 25 stitches rib pattern (begin with 1 stitch on the left), 20 stitch cable pattern, 25 stitches rib pattern (start again with 1 stitch on the left), edge stitch. From the 3rd row there are 76 stitches on the needle due to increases. Cast off after 64 cm = 164 rows. Within the 24 stitches of the braid, decrease 4 stitches evenly by knitting together
  2. Cast on 71 stitches with anthracite for the back. Work 164 rows = 64 cm in a rib pattern without a braid. Cast off the stitches evenly.
  3. Moisten the parts, stretch them into shape and let them dry. Close the seams in the mattress stitch, insert the filling at the last seam and sew up.

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