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Instructions for sewing chair covers
Instructions for sewing chair covers

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Learn how to sew chair covers and turn even inconspicuous or old kitchen chairs into elegant seating. Use slipcovers to turn the dining table into an attractive center of space.

Especially in spring, when the sun shines on the rooms, older furniture and chairs show their worst side. The color of the covers is so faded and the wood so worn that even a thorough spring cleaning will no longer save the chairs. But that doesn't have to be a reason for disposal or for new purchases. With little effort and a little "closer" skill, you can make really big changes with little money. Chairs in particular can be easily embellished with chair covers and the room appears in a completely different light.

Even sewn chair covers give the old-fashioned impetus, set new accents, and at the same time your furniture is protected against further deterioration. With the throw, you can hide minor optical defects such as signs of wear or faded colors. Chair covers are usually used in two ways: permanently or only on special occasions. For special occasions there is the possibility to rent covers. Some manufacturers also offer the removable, tailor-made upholstery covers for purchase. You can also sew chair covers yourself!

The right choice of fabric

When buying fabrics, make sure that the fabrics are washable - so that they don't shrink later. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk and linen are particularly suitable as materials. To test whether the new idea fits your old chair, you can simply knot the fabric temporarily. Even sewn covers give your seating furniture an elegant and decorative appearance. Nice when the cover fabrics and the colors of your curtains complement each other or are even made of the same fabric.

You need this for sewing chair covers

Fabric for the cover
Nettle for the model
Package paper, pen, tailor's chalk
Scissors, tape measure, pins

Sewing chair covers: that's how it's done

Before cutting, throw the fabric over the chair like a toga. This gives you a feel for the pattern and the lines. If you are sewing something for your home for the first time, do not start with the fine fabric immediately, but first make a model out of nettle.


Photo: Andreas Schiebel / DAS HAUS

  • Roughly draw a sketch of your chair with the back (A) and the front (B) back, seat (C) as well as the front bottom (D) and side bottom (E) on package paper.
  • Measure the chair and enter the dimensions exactly on the drawing.
  • Then transfer in pencil to the nettle fabric - smooth surfaces exactly, difficult corners generously. Don't forget to add one or two centimeters of seam allowance. So that the valance falls loose, calculate an extra ten centimeters for each aperture.
  • Cut the nettle parts, stick them together with pins and staple them together with thread.
  • Now put the nettle shirt on a chair. Make sure that it fits well. Remove any excess fabric.
  • Then spread your washed and ironed original fabric on the floor and place the nettle stencil on it; pay attention to the pattern. Fix with pins and mark the outline with a chalk.
  • Cut out all the parts with the fabric scissors, clean the hems with a zigzag stitch. The exact dimensions are entered in the schematic section. The cut can be constructed using the sketch and dimensions.

Photo: Andreas Schiebel / DAS HAUS

  • First sew the front and back of the backrest together (image 2).
  • Then sew the seat onto the lower edge of the front part (picture 3).

Photo: Andreas Schiebel / DAS HAUS

  • Pin the squeeze folds of the valance together at the top edge of the fabric (picture 4 and 5) before attaching it to the seat.
  • Instead of the flounce shown, you can also attach one without folds.
  • Garnish the corners and edges as you wish with borders, cords or buttons.
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