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Pallet garden lounger built by myself
Pallet garden lounger built by myself
Video: Pallet garden lounger built by myself
Video: Pallet Projects Outdoor Garden Yard - DIY Outdoor Sun Loungers from Wooden Pallets 2023, February

Wonderful garden furniture can still be made from disused Euro pallets, e.g. B. a garden lounger for sunbathing and lounging. The instructions for the small weekend construction project can be found here.

Material list

1 euro pallet
4 planks (spruce / fir) 100 x 14 x 1.8 cm
4 planks (spruce / fir) 100 x 10 x 1.8 cm
4 hinges
24 wood screws; Countersunk head; galvanized; 4.0 x 30 mm
12 wood screws; Countersunk head; galvanized; 3.5 x 16 mm
12 wood screws; Countersunk head; galvanized; 4.0 x 50 mm
Jigsaw, cordless screwdriver, folding rule
possibly color

Instructions garden lounger

The Euro pallet forms the seat, the backrest is made of boards, since a second Euro pallet would be too big and too heavy. We took spruce planks. How to assemble the backrest:

  1. Shorten two of the 10 cm wide boards to the width of the Euro pallet (80 cm). The width can vary depending on the wear of the Euro pallet.
  2. Screw the sawn boards across, each 20 centimeters apart, onto a 14 centimeter wide plank. To do this, use the wood screws 30 millimeters long.
  3. Now screw the remaining boards together at a distance of 4.5 centimeters. Alternately a board with 10 centimeters, one with 14 centimeters width.
  4. What remains is a 14 centimeter wide plank. Fasten a hinge flush with these with four 16 mm screws. Screw the other hinge side to the center of a cross strut (4 screws each 30 mm). This will be the moveable support for the backrest.
  5. Now fix the remaining three hinges on the underside of the backrest to the wider boards, flush with the edges using four 16 mm screws each.
  6. Finally, the backrest only has to be connected to the Euro pallet with the long wood screws.
  7. If you want, you can sand the Euro pallet, glaze or paint the garden lounger.
  8. Garden cushion on it and relax!

We also show you all the individual steps in the video above

Gartenliege aus Paletten
Gartenliege aus Paletten

Hang out more beautifully in the garden or on the terrace with the self-made garden lounger made from a Euro pallet and planks

Photo: the house

Note when building with Euro pallets

Be sure to examine the pallet material in advance. "The wood can be infested with pests or bacteria, " Mareike Hermann from the DIY Academy in Cologne told dpa. In their view, pallet furniture is therefore not suitable for the children's room or the kitchen. Hermann's tip: research the origin of the pallet and pay attention to the lettering HT. "This stamp means that the pallet was dried in the oven, " explains Hermann. "This reduces the likelihood that the wood is infected by bacteria." In addition, the pallets should not be broken, damp, moldy or oily. From Hermann's point of view, rusty nails, splintering parts and an unpleasant smell are clear knock-out criteria - especially if the furniture is to be placed in closed living rooms. Surface dirt can be scrubbed off with soapy water and a brush.

Books for building with pallets

Paletten Baubuch
Paletten Baubuch

Pallet projects such as garden tables, bench, sideboard, etc. can be found in Folko Kullmann's "Pallet Construction Book"; published by BLV Verlag; 96 pages; 14 euros

Photo: BLV Verlag

Upcycling mit Palettenholz
Upcycling mit Palettenholz

In "Upcycling with pallet wood" (published by Agricultural Publishing House; 112 pages; 17.95 euros) not whole pallets are used, but parts and remnants of these, e.g. B. to a greenhouse, a lamp or tray.

Photo: LV Buch

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