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Autumn DIY: tinker garland from leaves in all colors
Autumn DIY: tinker garland from leaves in all colors

Video: Autumn DIY: tinker garland from leaves in all colors

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: DIY Fall Leaf Garland - Home & Family 2023, January

We take autumn leaves in all colors, paint white patterns on them, attach everything to a cord - and the decorative garland for the hallway, living room or kitchen is ready. A DIY tip from the category: “I can do that too”!

Is there anything more wonderful than walking through autumn forests with sturdy shoes or rubber boots, perhaps with children at hand? The leaves smell and shine in the most sensual colors, the air is ice cold and super fresh. We immediately feel like taking the leaves home with us. Do it! Because the next cloudy afternoon is sure to come. And then conjure up this pretty garland for your home. Or prepare your children a cozy afternoon of handicrafts.

You need it

  • Fall leaves you like: choose different sizes, shapes and colors. The leaves should have a stem so that you can attach them well.
  • a fixed cord or cord - you decide the length
  • thin thread with which to attach the leaves or small, decorative staples
  • white permanent marker
  • a scissors.

It's that easy

  • Make sure the leaves have dried well.

  • Use the pen to draw patterns on the leaves, the more different the more beautiful.
  • Let the patterns dry well.
  • Attach the stems of the leaves to the ribbon or cord with the thin twine or staples.
  • Place the leaves on the cord at approximately equal intervals.
  • Your autumn decoration is ready. You can now hang them up where you and your children like best.
Bemaltes Herbstlaub auf Tablett
Bemaltes Herbstlaub auf Tablett

Leave the freshly painted leaves to dry - avoid drafts if possible!


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