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Living like at the sea: simple chic
Living like at the sea: simple chic

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Rule of thumb for a maritime ambience: less is more! Let your furniture have a lot of air - a crowded apartment hardly creates a holiday mood.

The materials are simple and natural: wood, wickerwork, linen, ceramics. And instead of wallpaper, plastered and limed walls. Garden furniture brings in open-air feelings: delicate metal folding chairs, a linen-covered lounger as a daybed. Staged breaks prevent monotony: for example, pop plastic chairs, but the colors match the scheme.

Vorhänge aus Geschirrtüchern, Stores
Vorhänge aus Geschirrtüchern, Stores

Curtains from tea towels, stores

Photo: Bine Brändle

Stuff for ideas

Simple tea towels in blue and white provide an inexpensive basis for the marine climate. The maritime flair is included: the fresh look of checked and striped patterns. Sew two sheets of cloth together into cushion covers - a breeze for inexperienced users. They are closed with sewn on ribbons that looks nice and saves you buttonholes and zip. Or you can combine patterned and white tea towels to create a patchwork fabric: as a curtain as beautiful as a tablecloth. You can mix strips and checks in different sizes as you wish. Your upholstered armchairs don't match the marine look at all? Tailor them linen covers - interchangeable depending on the season.

Glasschale mit Holzverästelungen
Glasschale mit Holzverästelungen

Glass bowl with wooden branches


Still life

With little things you conjure up mood pictures: a handful of shells on a silver tray, reed grass in the floor vase. Fix a coarse cord to the wall with two nails, clip on postcards and photos of the sea with wooden clips. On five or six fine silver wires, line up small bird feathers (collected yourself or from craft supplies): simply wrap the keel with the wire. You tie the wires to a bamboo stick and hang the filigree mobile on the window or in front of the light blue wall. Tip: If a decorative piece looks lost or irrelevant, give it weight by presenting it en masse: not only fill a screw-top jar with sand and a few shells, but put five such jars side by side.

Easy living

Last, not least, a main ingredient for the holiday feeling: nonchalance. Take it easy to set up, let five be straight. Only the imperfect and a little patina make up the charm. You can safely do without painting the cupboard a second time - rather drink a coffee with milk on the balcony.

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