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Christina Stürmer: "I live in my dream house"
Christina Stürmer: "I live in my dream house"

Video: Christina Stürmer: "I live in my dream house"

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Video: Christina Stürmer - Millionen Lichter (official Video) 2023, February

Twelve questions to the well-known singer.

The singer Christina Stürmer has sold over 2 million records and was featured in the charts with hits such as “Ich lebe” or “Nie sufficient”. The Austrian singer's career began with second place in a TV casting show.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

Yes, our couch in the living room. If I still have time and can read a book there - perfect!

What style of furnishing do you live?

Simple, but very cozy.

What was your biggest home purchase?

A handmade rosewood dining table.

Are you a collector or a minimalist?


Where are you hiding chaos?

Behind little doors, in boxes and in colorful boxes.

How often do you decorate?

Mostly at the turn of the year. But I often change furniture.

Which do-it-yourself qualities do you have?

I am a master in screwing furniture together.

How do you describe your dream home?

A lot of glass, a lot of wood, geothermal energy, in the country

with a beautiful garden - actually I already live in it.

Who would you like to live with in a shared apartment?

That would not work for me at all. I'm so picky - a little “monk” so to speak (that's the neurotic American TV commissioner). And I would clean up after everyone. So no thanks. Although - with Monk I could even imagine it.

Which of your furniture or home accessories are you embarrassed about?


Two things that you particularly like about your apartment:

The lot of wood and the beautiful glass front in the dining area.

And what should definitely be embellished?

The walls need more pictures, and a box for DVDs is still missing in the living room.

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