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That's how sports presenter Laura Wontorra lives
That's how sports presenter Laura Wontorra lives

Video: That's how sports presenter Laura Wontorra lives

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Video: Laura Wontorra Tv Presenter from Germany 2023, February

Laura Wontorra's father Jörg Wontorra is a big player in the TV business. As a sports presenter, his daughter followed in his footsteps. We asked Laura Wontorra ten homely questions. She lives with her husband Simon Zoller in a house in Cologne.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

My office, there are a lot of memories of special experiences - soccer games, boxing matches, Olympics and so on. And from there I have a great view of our garden.

What style of furnishing do you live?

I would call it modern "townhouse" style.

What do you draw inspiration from in your facility?

I get a lot of inspiration on the Internet, via Instagram or Pinterest.

Which color mood do you like best in your home?

Our decor is very black and white, we also have a lot of accessories in chrome and there are lots of photographs on the wall.

Which piece of furniture could you never part with?

A very old side table that used to be used for plants. I bought it at the flea market when I was a student in Munich and transported it home on the train. This table means a lot to me.

How do you relax after a long day at work?

Preferably on the couch when football is playing on the side.

What do you like to run on?

On dark parquet, my favorite floor, especially when the underfloor heating is on.

Where are you hiding chaos?

In my shoe cabinet.

Do you describe your dream home?

My dream house has a sea view, that would be enough for me, because size and luxury are not important.

Which housework do you like to do, which not at all?

Nobody likes housework, but if I had to choose what I would like to do - then cleaning the windows.

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Laura Wontorra studied press and public relations in Cologne after graduating from high school in 2008. In 2011 she started a traineeship at Sky Deutschland. There she worked as a moderator and field reporter. In 2013 she switched to Sport 1 with the same tasks. Since 2017, she has been moderating the two-hour soccer magazine “100 percent Bundesliga” with RTL Nitro every Monday at 10.15 pm. Laura Wontorra also accompanied the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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