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How do we fall in love with a house: check thinking drawers
How do we fall in love with a house: check thinking drawers

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Unfortunately, the efficient and sophisticated rating system in our head has serious shortcomings: Our moods, prejudices or pre-information change the ability to judge enormously.

Pitfalls and pitfalls

Suppose your new boss is to be introduced to you right away and your colleague whispers in your ear "I heard that is a real womanizer!" You will now get to know your new boss with different eyes - you can hardly do otherwise. It is the same with houses and apartments. The broker tells them: "The couple lived here happily for over 40 years until they went to the old people's home!" Zack - your eyes are colored.

What do we learn from this?

Check your thinking drawers and give the ratio a chance. If a house has an unpleasant musty smell, which can be explained by the lack of ventilation, we perceive all other signals (the beautiful brick fireplace, the pretty tiles) under this impression. If a signal is very dominant - here the smell - it covers up everything else. That tarnishes judgment. Therefore, try to take a step back mentally and emotionally and allow yourself a second impression - in the awareness that the first impression remains indelible.


Good mood effect

Anyone who visits a property in a cheerful and cheerful, open mood is more likely to notice the positive. Those who take offense or even depressed may rate details too negatively. The effect is also noticeable on vacation: It's easier to fall in love.


Hope and trust can override realistic and critical perception. Anyone who makes a pilgrimage to Lourdes hopes for a sign and then often sees one. Those who expect negative things will look for confirmation of their basic feeling.


If a man in a tailor-made suit walks over a red light, he will find more imitators than one in work clothes. Each of us lives with some stereotypical opinions. Avoid strong prejudices the first time you hit a home, its previous owners, or a broker.

Contrast effect

If a beautiful house is in an unattractive environment, it appears even more beautiful. A built-in ugly house in a beautiful landscape with great houses looks even more shabby. Caution: The "environmental effect" influences the judgment.

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