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Build houses according to the open source principle
Build houses according to the open source principle

Video: Build houses according to the open source principle

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Video: Open Building Institute - Introductory Video 2023, January

Lack of living space, rising rents - innovative concepts should create living space quickly and cheaply. WikiHouse and Open Source have therefore developed a pattern for a house. Read how it works here.

A lot has been written about missing apartments and exploding building prices. The young London architect Alastair Parvin wanted to do something about it with his WikiHouse team. He designed a construction system that appropriately transfers the opportunities of open source, which are free Internet ideas for everyone, to house construction.

Low energy house per kit

At WikiHouse everyone can design a house according to their ideas in a three-dimensional internet library, completely free of charge. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can download the necessary construction plans. Based on this data, the local carpenter (or an on-site maker workshop) precisely manufactures the necessary parts from plywood, inexpensively on a computer-controlled CNC milling machine or a 3D printer. In the end you get a large kit for a sustainable low energy house.

You can see how the Wikihouse principle works here in the video

The Ikea principle

It only takes a handful of people to put it together. No specialist knowledge is required, also no crane and hardly any tools, since the house is put together according to a special system and then wedged. The shell of a small house can be completed in less than a day. Thermal insulation, all internals and the building services can then be integrated. A fairly foolproof instruction manual helps. Costs for the shell of a Wikihouse: Estimated between 42, 000 to 51, 000 euros, depending on the design and costs of the company that cuts out the wooden components.

Prominent sponsors

The project receives support from the Wikihouse Foundation, well-known institutions and engineering firms. You can find out more at in English or from the German-language branch at When the first houses were built, Alsastair Parvin also noticed an unexpected quality of the wiki houses: "In our assemblies there was always a real competition between the work and the fun."

Das Haus Cover Oktober 2017
Das Haus Cover Oktober 2017

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