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Lagom instead of Hygge is the new living trend from Scandinavia
Lagom instead of Hygge is the new living trend from Scandinavia

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Another new living trend from Northern Europe: After the cuddle trend Hygge, we should now reflect on the Swedish Lagom philosophy. We explain what this is about.

Since we have just made ourselves comfortable in Danish hygge style, the cozy trend is getting competition again. Or should we prefer to call it a complement by the Nordic neighbors: the Swedish lifestyle concept Lagom. And whoops, where the open fire was still pattering and pillows and blankets were stacked, is now sorted out and rearranged. The Scandinavians know how to make life worth living - and also how to keep the cash registers of the interior manufacturers ringing again and again.

What is Lagom anyway?

Lagom means something like "just the right measure" and stands for a balanced and sustainable attitude to life. The goal is to always find the golden mean: not too big and not too small, not too loud and not too quiet, rather less than too much. For the Swedes, this modest lifestyle simply brings more relaxation into everyday life. Because Lagom should also help with the much praised work-life balance, i.e. the healthy middle between work and leisure. It's a good thing that the Lagom principle, with its philosophy of doing without and a sustainable lifestyle, fits well with the current zeitgeist.

Lagom as a consumption and zeitgeist trend

But it is also clear that the hype surrounding Lagom will particularly please companies. Because however honorable the self-chosen reluctance may be - the industry always has its own interpretation of a sensible measure of things. Ikea also wants to get involved and finds that "just the right amount" is the right way. With its “IKEA Live Lagom” project, the furniture giant wants to show that it is important, good and healthy not to overdo it. And slowly but surely, sustainable products should be introduced accordingly. Is there a rethink? So and so: The reflection on the essentials certainly doesn't harm anyone. And you should keep that in mind when the next living and feel-good trend comes in 2018.

Rattansessel mit Decke und Kissen in Naturtönen
Rattansessel mit Decke und Kissen in Naturtönen

The Stockholm rattan armchair is made of sustainable, durable material and therefore fits perfectly with the "IKEA Live Lagom" project.

Photo: IKEA

Hygge and Lagom - a contradiction?

Those who live Lagom don't buy more than necessary, but still don't have to do without anything. So the attitude is more of a kind of virtue that regulates too much or too little. Among other things, this saves resources. Because even when it comes to water or energy consumption, measurements are kept - which allows both the account and ourselves to be balanced. This is why the Swedish way of life and the Danish hygge trend complement each other so wonderfully. Because at Hygge we make the home nice and cozy to sink into cozy comfort. Of course, this is also sustainable. Basically, Lagom is simply bigger and more comprehensive than Hygge and is supposed to ensure satisfaction and balance in every life situation.

weiße Holzpalette wird zum Couchtisch
weiße Holzpalette wird zum Couchtisch

Living Lagom also means being moderate with resources. Upcycling is a great idea: a Euro pallet becomes a coffee table.

Photo: Pexels / Kaboompics Karolina

In der Mitte liegt das Glück Lagom Buch von Lola A. Åkerstrom
In der Mitte liegt das Glück Lagom Buch von Lola A. Åkerstrom

The award-winning author Lola Akinmade Åkerstrom has written down many other ideas about the inspiring and happy lifestyle 'Lagom' in a book. "Happiness is in the middle - Lagom is the Swedish way to a good life" was published by Knesebeck Verlag in August 2017, has 192 pages and costs 14.95 euros. You can order the book here.

Photo: Lola A. Åkerström / Knesebeck Verlag

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