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Plant and care for efutute
Plant and care for efutute

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Whether hanging or climbing - with its long shoots and heart-shaped leaves, the Efeutute is a real eye-catcher and finds a place in every room.

Efetute (Epipremnum pinnatum) is a good choice for anyone looking for an easy-care houseplant that will thrive even under less than ideal conditions. The lighting requirements of the climbing and leaf ornamental plants are modest, but they are sensitive to too much water. The Efeutute is therefore an ideal houseplant for beginners.

Efeutute (Epipremnum pinnatum) is actually native to Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Botanically it belongs to the family of the arum family. For us, the climbing and leaf ornamental plant is one of the most popular houseplants and, with good care, is very durable. In trade, it is often offered as a potted plant that grows up on moss sticks, but it also cuts a fine figure in a hanging basket. The long shoots, which can be up to ten meters long with good care, are ideal for greening stair rails, room dividers or walls.

Efeutute Epipremnum pinnatum
Efeutute Epipremnum pinnatum

Efeututen also find a place standing in every room.


Good for the indoor climate

The Efeutute is one of the air-purifying plants and is particularly suitable for rooms in which there is a slight "thick air". As early as 1989, the American space agency NASA demonstrated in its "Clean Air Study" that the Efeutute is able to remove pollutants such as Filtering formaldehyde or benzene, but also cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes from the air.This means that the Efeutute is not only a visual benefit, it also proves to be a real air freshener and pollutant destroyer they are disposed of with household waste at the end of their useful life.

The right location for the Efeutute

The Efeutute can be cultivated in both a bright and a shady location. However, the following applies: the darker the ivy mute, the more the leaves turn green. So if you prefer a clear leaf drawing, you should choose a bright location for variegated varieties. Drafts and direct sunlight should be avoided. If the location is very draughty, utenuts will get spotty or withered leaves. The room temperature should be around 20 degrees all year round and never drop below 16 degrees. Commercially available potting soil is suitable as a substrate, but it can also be kept in hydroponics without problems.

Efeutute wird zu einem grünen Vorhang
Efeutute wird zu einem grünen Vorhang

If you plant the efeututes skillfully, the hanging plant becomes a green curtain.


Caring for efeututes properly

Efeututen are very frugal when it comes to care. They prefer it when the substrate is always kept slightly moist. But they also forgive you if you forget to pour. Efeututen react very sensitively only to permanent waterlogging by rotting the roots and subsequently stunting the plant. In winter, the water consumption of the ivy mute decreases. During the growth phase between March and August, the efutute should receive additional nutrients in the form of weekly fertilizers. If the pot has become too small after a growing period, you should remove the old soil from the roots and slightly prune the tips of the roots.

By the way: If the shoots are too long or if you want the efeutute to branch better, you can simply cut off the shoots. The pruning does not harm the plant.

Golden Efeutute: You have to have these varieties

Goldene Efeutute Epipremnum aureum
Goldene Efeutute Epipremnum aureum

The Golden Efeutute (Epipremnum aureum) is a widespread breeding form.

Photo: / Christian Pedant

One of the most common cultivated forms in trade is the golden efutute (Epipremnum aureum), which is often also sold under the variety name 'Aureum'. Epipremnum aureum is characterized by light green, heart-shaped leaves with a golden variegation. The well-known variety Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen' has light green and white checkered foliage. The shoots and leaves of the 'Golden Queen' variety have a golden yellow variegation. The variety 'Wilcoxii' is characterized by green-yellow patterned leaves, which can change depending on the lighting conditions.

This is how you multiply efeututes

Efeututen can easily be propagated by head or shoot cuttings. To do this, cut off a shoot and place it in a glass with water. Make sure that there is a knot (nodus) in the water, as this is where most of the roots form. As soon as the roots have reached a length of about two centimeters, you can plant the cutting.

Tip: For dense planting, you should plant several cuttings together.

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