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Terraced house with pond
Terraced house with pond

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Long narrow gardens are common in row houses and a real challenge. We show how there is space for the terrace, vegetable patch and pond.

Long, narrow gardens are cozy because of the division into small rooms. These can be created on different levels, especially if the property is on a slope. From the house it is at ground level to the terrace and steps lead up to the living garden. Soil modeling sets the scene for the plants. A path leads to the vegetable garden, which is four steps lower.


1 terrace with slab

2 steps

3 perennials

4 way

5 pond

6 trees

7 Soil modeling

8 wooden palisades

9 vegetable garden

10 soft fruits

11 tool sheds

12 compost

Playground and vegetables

The own vegetable cultivation and a lot of space for children are at the top of this garden example for a row house. A large lawn and a sandpit are the most striking elements in the home garden. A discount with high-growing shrubs and a garden house separate living and utility gardens. The “patron” of both parts is a fruit tree.


1 terrace with slab

2 wooden pergolas

3 bed perennials

4 playing field

5 sandpit

6 fruit tree

7 seat

8 soft fruit

9 Vegetable and herb garden

10 garden shed

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