Recommended reading: Luxury gardens
Recommended reading: Luxury gardens

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Noble gardens in noble garb: The opulent illustrated book "Luxusgärten" enchants with wonderfully expansive garden photos. The authors are our residential department head Bettina Hagen-Demuth and her husband Dr. Thomas Hagen.

The authors portray seven exquisite gardens and their owners. They show, for example, the largest tree ferns in Europe in the jungle garden in Cornwall, England, or a Renaissance garden in Nice, which impresses with perfection in planning and maintenance. We find architectural austerity as well as minimalism or tropical abundance. The pictures are from the renowned garden photographer Ferdinand Graf Luckner. The volume received this year's garden book award 2015, which is awarded every year at Dennenlohe Castle. "Luxury Gardens", 152 pages, limited edition in a slipcase, 150 euros, BLV Verlag.

Here you can take a look at the book and order it directly.

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