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Tulipan in the Britzer Garten: Annual tulip exhibition in Berlin
Tulipan in the Britzer Garten: Annual tulip exhibition in Berlin

Video: Tulipan in the Britzer Garten: Annual tulip exhibition in Berlin

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Video: Britzer Garten Tulipan 2023, February

Tulips in all shapes, colors and sizes - including varieties that look like lilies, water lilies or a baroque painting. Every year onlookers are drawn to the Britzer Garten in Berlin, where up to 500, 000 tulips can be admired. Whether in formal beds or on large meadows, the variety of shapes and colors is considerable and quickly makes winter forgotten.

Every year the “Tulipan” is the start of a wonderful garden year in the Britzer Garten in Berlin. Due to the lakes, hills, flower beds and special gardens, the area has been one of the most beautiful recreational parks in Germany since 2002 and is a popular destination. Depending on the weather, the tulip show starts in April or May and attracts visitors from all over Germany.

Half a million tulips

Nowhere, with the exception of the Netherlands, are more tulip bulbs to be seen in spring than in the Britzer Garten. Every year, visitors can get to know the entire spectrum of this historic plant. Whether wild tulips, botanical tulips, special features such as multi-flower and viridiflora tulips - you will discover very special varieties that you may never have seen before. The arrangement of the tulips is particularly worth seeing. For example, you can look at tone-on-tone plantings or be inspired by contrasting arrangements.

Tulpen im Britzer Garten
Tulpen im Britzer Garten

Private individuals can also sponsor a tulip bed.

Photo: Grün Berlin GmbH

A flower steeped in history

Hardly any other plant has caused as much a stir as the tulip. An unmistakable “golden” tulip bulb indicates the period in the 17th century that went down in history as the “tulip mania”. At that time, a tulip bulb cost around 10, 000 guilders and thus corresponded to the annual income of a wealthy Dutch merchant. To get the precious onion, it was stolen, cheated and lied to. The “tulip madness” culminated in a fiasco and finally in the first stock market crash in history.

Tulipan partnership

If you want, you can even sponsor your own tulip field as a visitor. But publishers, companies and other institutions can also get involved. Interest has been so great in recent years that "lifelong" sponsorships have been taken on.

Tulips in art - exhibition at the Britzer Tulip Show

Famous pictures and still lifes of flowers by Peter Paul Rubens, Jan Brueghel or Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen, in which the tulip plays a prominent role, can be seen on large-format exhibition boards. The originals can be admired in the State Museums of Berlin, the Gemäldegalerie and the Kupferstichkabinett as well as in the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg Foundation.

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