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Craftsmen & helpers: quality instead of dumping prices
Craftsmen & helpers: quality instead of dumping prices

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Do you need help with wallpapering? Someone to lay out turf for you or do the gardening? A specialist to re-cover your roof? At you will find the right service provider for all your work - completely free of charge.

What is is currently the most extensive German-language online directory of craftsmen for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to a classic business directory function, there is an offer platform on which people who have a job to offer and people who want to do it can find each other: a detailed search function provides you with suitable offers from craft businesses and service providers. You decide whether and to whom you assign the task.

Which service providers can I find on

Regardless of whether you need someone to paint your walls, just want to have paint damage repaired, looking for someone who will lay the laminate floor or need help in the garden - at you will find exactly the service provider you are looking for.

The focus is not on the lowest possible price, but on the high quality of the handicraft services that are awarded via the portal. This creates fair competition.

How do you place an order at

1. Enter the basic data: You state the desired activity, the location, the time of performance and the duration of the tender. You can also optionally specify a non-binding asking price.

2. Log in: You only need to register once. Your personal data remain anonymous. The winner will only receive your contact details after you have placed an order.

3. Receive offers and place orders: Compare offers that you receive from artisans. Then decide whether and to whom the contract will be awarded.


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