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Christmas tree in a pot: tips for buying, varieties and care
Christmas tree in a pot: tips for buying, varieties and care
Video: Christmas tree in a pot: tips for buying, varieties and care
Video: Caring for a Potted Live Christmas Tree 2023, February

Instead of sawn off fir - how about the Christmas tree in a pot? You can still enjoy it after Christmas. There are tips for buying which varieties are suitable, the right care and how you can later leave the tree outdoors.

Which types are suitable for the pot?

In principle, you can use all common varieties: the popular Nordmann fir (Abies nordmanniana), the silvery shimmering blue fir (Abies procera) or a black pine (Pinus nigra). In the trade they get these as young trees, which grow later - and that takes time. Because of the high weight, the tree for the living room should not be larger than two meters. Those who want to choose small-sized varieties from the start: Sugar Loaf Spruce (Picea glauca 'Conica'), Blue Hedgehog Spruce (Picea glauca 'Echiniformis'), Korean Fir (Abies koreana) or Swiss Pine (Pinus cembra) remain compact.

Get advice on buying from a branded nursery: there you can be assured of good quality and find out how big the trees in the garden will be if you plant them out.

How do I take care of the tree in the house?

  • Potted Christmas trees should only be in the room for two to three, maximum ten days.
  • It should not be too close to the heater and protected from drafts.
  • The most important thing: watering, do not let the soil dry out. Due to the warm room temperatures, the tree evaporates a lot of water. It is best to spray it with water every day, because waterlogging in the pot is not optimal.
  • After purchase, you get used to the dry air in the room in a bright garage or in a cool place protected from the sun and wind.
Weihnachtsbaum im Topf
Weihnachtsbaum im Topf

With the potted Christmas tree you save the Christmas tree stand

Photo: istock / Nadtochiy

What do I have to consider when transplanting outdoors?

If you want to plant your potted Christmas tree in the garden after the festive season, you should wait until spring. The tree can regenerate in a bright, cool, frost-free place such as a winter garden, garage or cellar. A protected space on the balcony or terrace is also suitable. Then it should be covered with brushwood. Don't forget: regular watering even in the winter rest area! When planting outdoors, be sure to note that all conifers like it bright, warm and sunny.


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Can I leave the tree in the pot all year round?

If you don't have a garden, but a terrace or balcony, you can put up your little tree there - and bring it back to the room next Christmas. Sooner or later you should transfer to a larger container. Don't forget to water and fertilize regularly. Fir or coniferous fertilizer is suitable as fertilizer; fertilization with Epsom salt is outdated.

Planting a fir tree from the garden in a pot?

Do you want to plant the converse in your garden in a pot and then set it up in the living room at Christmas and decorate it? You'd better not do that. The roots could be damaged during excavation.

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