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Fun with Apple's Siri: the 20 funniest answers
Fun with Apple's Siri: the 20 funniest answers

Video: Fun with Apple's Siri: the 20 funniest answers

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Video: 60 Funny Things To Ask Siri With iOS 12 and iPhone XS 2023, February

You, or rather it was, the first voice assistant long before Alexa and Co.: Siri! Apple's voice assistant was female at the beginning, but now there is also a male version. Anyone who has ever had contact with Siri knows what artificial intelligence has in store: an incredible amount of humor, sarcasm and imagination! There are lots of "Siri ancestral dots" circulating on the Internet, and we have summarized the 20 funniest questions and answers for you.

Hey Siri, I'm going out again tonight. What do you think?

Does this happen every night?

Hey Siri, which smartphone is the best?

Wait … that means there are other phones?

Siri, what's zero divided by zero?

Imagine you have zero cookies and evenly distribute them among zero friends. How many cookies do you get? You see, that doesn't make sense. And the cookie monster is sad because there are no more cookies and you are sad because you have no friends.

Hey Siri, what should I wear today?

Definitely not your pajamas!

Siri, I'm your father

Oh dear, now something is coming with the dark side!

Siri, who is the most beautiful?

Snow White Are you that?

Siri, can you make me a sandwich?

It does not work. We have no more cold cuts!

Hey Cortana

Very funny. I'm not laughing hard, but it's funny.

Siri, I drank too much alcohol

Don't think I'm carrying you home!

May the force be with you

May your device always be fully charged.

Siri, why am I in the world?

I do not know that. To be honest, I've already asked myself that.

Siri, I have to hide a body

Yet again?

Test, test! One two Three

I was actually thoroughly tested!

Siri, tell me something dirty

Humus. Compost. Pumice. Mud. Gravel.

Hey Siri, how old = " are you?

Anyway, I'm old = " enough to be your assistant.

Who are your parents, Siri?

There is only you and me.

Siri, does Santa really exist?

Let me put it this way: Not only do I know whether you were bad or good!

Siri, I'm lazy

Acute laziness is curable, but the treatment is very expensive.

Hey Siri, why are you vibrating?

The most important thing is that the vibe is right!

Siri, when is the world going to end?

I think when the intergalactic bypass is done.

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