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Chasing wasps: the best tips
Chasing wasps: the best tips

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Selling wasps successfully can be a particular challenge. Especially in summer, these insects keep us unwanted and can become real pests. Because cakes and fruit not only taste good to us, they also attract the yellow and black visitors. With our tips and tricks, wasps can be driven away almost without any problems.

Wasps are useful in the home garden. As pest controlers, they hunt up to 100 species of insects, including flies, spiders and caterpillars. But wasps can also be very annoying. In late summer they come flying, whirring around you, besieging pieces of cake, crawling over bread and conquering ice cream cones. Whoever jumps up screaming and throws wildly to chase away the beasts has little success. Wasps are far less aggressive than expected. Experts recommend: keep calm! A wasp sting can be dramatic for allergy sufferers, especially if a wasp is swallowed. This has less to do with the poison than with the swelling. In this case, you should immediately call the emergency doctor.

Wasps - people for a summer

The wasps' wedding is in July and August. Then the workers swarm out to look for food for the young, among other things, and end up on our table again and again in search of something useful. When the days get shorter and the autumn is almost over, the wasps find no food and die. Only the queen withdraws to hibernate. The built wasp nest remains abandoned in winter and will not be resettled in the following year.

Wasps, like bees and bumblebees, belong to the family of the winged wing. There are 100, 000 wasp species worldwide, but only a few hundred of them live in Germany. Wasps are mainly divided into two groups: the social and the solitary wasps. There are eight species of these social wasps living in Germany, which like the bees form states. The common wasp (Paravespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Paravespula germanica) are known to humans as the most common representatives. Other types of wasp do not fly to human food. Good to know: Nests in houses are buildings of the Saxon wasp (Dolichovespula saxonica).

Chasing wasps: 5 tips

Knocking around doesn't work to drive the insects away. Rather, you should keep calm and rely on the following defense tips:

  1. Helping wasps with lemon or orange slices peppered with basil or cloves. The combination repels wasps.
  2. Certain essential oils scare away wasps. It has proven useful to exude citronella, clove or tea tree oil in a fragrance oil lamp.
  3. Wasps don't like the smell of coffee either. Simply light coffee powder in a fire-proof container. The scent drives them away.
  4. The animals find lavender particularly unpleasant. Simply tie lavender stems together with the flowers in bunches from mid-July and hang them up or place them on the table.
  5. In addition to professional wasp traps, there is also a house recipe: Put a glass of beer, some syrup containing sugar, and two to three drops of washing-up liquid in an open container. Hang the wasp trap about five to ten meters away from where you are. The beer ensures that honeybees are not attracted.

If whole wasp colonies have already spread out in the roller shutter box or in the bird feeder, then only the professional pest control (from the health or regulatory office of your community) will help.

How to protect yourself from wasps

  • Avoid perfumes, hair sprays, highly perfumed sunscreens or soaps, as these smells can irritate the insects to sting.
  • Undiluted jam or pure honey also make the animals aggressive.
  • Attaching insect screens to apartment windows not only keeps wasps away, but also flies and mosquitoes.
  • Examine the interior of the car before driving.
  • You should take a shower immediately after exercising because sweat attracts insects.
  • Straws are an ideal protection when drinking sweets such as fruit juices, cola or lemonade.
Wespe als Nützling
Wespe als Nützling

Even if wasps have a mostly bad reputation, they are important beneficials in our gardens.

Photo: Frederico Di Campo / Fotolia

What you should definitely avoid

If there is still rotten wood in your garden, it is important to remove it early in the spring, because it is ideal for building wasps in April and May. Fall fruit should also be picked up quickly before the flying insects discover it.

If you are plagued by the animals anyway, you must not kill them under any circumstances. Because like bees, wasps are also protected. In addition, wasps only become aggressive when they feel threatened. So keep calm and don't beat around, nor try to blow the animals away. Because our breath contains carbon dioxide, which is interpreted as an alarm signal in the wasp nest.

Wasps are extremely troublesome, but at the same time they help to hunt and contain other pests such as mosquitoes, aphids and flies. And unlike bees, wasps pollinate flowers even when it rains.

Remove wasp nests

All nests that you see usually belong to the “unproblematic” wasp species and also disappear again. If the nest is in the roller shutter box or under roof tiles, it is usually the nest of short-headed wasps, which can occasionally cause damage to the building structure.

Wasp nests should only be removed in an emergency, for example if children or allergy sufferers are at risk. In that case, however, it is important to contact local experts who can give you the appropriate tips. The nest is either relocated gently or, in the worst case, killed. However, an ecologically working pest control must do this.


Nests that you see in trees, for example, mostly belong to the “unproblematic” wasp species.

Photo: Sibylle Mohne / Fotolia

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