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Finding vacant lots: The best tips
Finding vacant lots: The best tips

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Finding vacant lots can be clever, because there is often a lot of potential there, even if building in vacant lots poses special challenges and sometimes requires compromises. Those who are willing to make themselves small or narrow can use gaps that are too tiny for others - in the best location and at the best prices.

Small plots of land are cheap because they are small - and because there are often remaining areas that do not seem interesting to many builders. Because they are not a common commodity, a discount often reduces the price per square meter. Especially when there are lots in the hands of municipalities, because they are interested in closing vacant lots. This in turn makes them attractive to people who have to look at the money. Especially since there are often no development fees for inner city gaps. To do this, builders must also be willing to compromise.

How do you find a small plot with vacant lots?

First of all: keep your eyes open, because small plots of land are easy to miss. Walks or bike rides in areas that interest you are compulsory.

The author of these lines himself lives on a piece of land that is barely over 100 square meters - more towel than building ground. Without a house on it, something hardly looks like a piece of land and is easily overlooked. When the square meter dog is found, how do you know who is the owner? Clearly the fastest and easiest of the neighbors. The route through a notary who has the opportunity to view the land register is lengthy and costs fees.

Search vacant lots on the Internet

The search terms Building land cadastre or building vacancy cadastre, building vacancy management or building vacancy atlas usually quickly promote a number of results. In some countries (including Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and NRW) there are also model projects for building gaps. Numerous larger cities have websites that list vacant lots, sometimes even with photos or maps.

Aid from offices

The direct demand from the responsible city planning, real estate or building office is also promising. There you know the right contacts in the region. Many municipalities are eager to use land sparingly and not to identify more new residential areas, but to build on the existing gaps in the inner-city area. The technical term of the offices: internal development. For Internet-savvy building enthusiasts, a foray through the images of Google Earth and Google Streetview is also worthwhile, which provide the first indications of fallow land.

Successful examples of the use of vacant lots


Vacant lot in Anno 1716 - four floors renovated in two phases

Baulücke, Aussenansicht
Baulücke, Aussenansicht

Build in the gap


A gap filler shines

Other options for inexpensive building ground

In addition to the vacant lots, there are other ways to get to the site at low cost. However, these paths are sometimes associated with a lot of persuasion by the landowners. For example unused attics. Likewise, many residential complexes from the 1950s, 60s and 70s only partially use their building land - building yards still exist in courtyards and other open spaces. Buildings can also be built on existing buildings: Buildings often do not exhaust their number of storeys (GFZ, the permitted number of square meters for development). This creates the opportunity to acquire the right to increase from the owner or the community of owners. However, the statics of the substructure must of course be sufficiently dimensioned.

If no method leads to the dream building site, you still have the opportunity to contact classic real estate dealers and portals. These have also adjusted to the attractiveness of vacant lots.

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