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Building inspectorate approval
Building inspectorate approval

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A building inspectorate approval proves that construction products and types are safe when used properly and comply with the relevant technical regulations. You can find out who gives the building inspectorate approval and the benefits it has here.

The building inspectorate approval has been issued by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) based in Berlin since 1968. These are building products and types for which there are no generally recognized rules of technology, in particular DIN standards, or which do not meet them. The building inspectorate approval then confirms the usability of the product and assesses it at the same time. However, the approval is revocable and is generally only granted for a period of five years. As a rule, however, a written application can extend the admission for a further five years.

The background to the building inspectorate approval is the interest in public security and order. Because with the DIN standards, everyone involved in construction can demonstrate that the building materials and components used meet the respective requirements and that all legal requirements are met. However, if new building materials or types of construction are concerned, Section 20 MBO (Model Building Regulations) states that these must also comply with the general clause in Section 3 MBO. In addition to the general building inspectorate approval (ABZ), the manufacturer can also provide evidence of this with a general building inspection certificate (P) or with approval in the individual case (ZiE).

Which construction products can be used?

The Construction Products Regulation has been EU law since July 1, 2013 and specifies which construction products are used. On the one hand, construction products may be used which are of minor importance for the building law requirements. Products that comply with the technical standard (DIN standard) in the so-called building regulations lists (BRL A Part 1-3, BRL B Part 1-2 and BRL C) or have a building inspectorate approval can also be used.

Structure of the approval notice

The structure of the approval notice consists of the following content:

  • Description of the object of approval
  • Specification of the scope
  • Provisions for the construction product (properties, manufacture, packaging, labeling, proof of conformity)
  • if applicable, regulations for design and dimensioning, for execution and use, maintenance and servicing

Advantages of building inspectorate approval

For architects, engineers, construction companies and building owners, the building inspectorate approval offers more security when planning and using the construction products, because individual tests are unnecessary. This allows architects and builders to build creatively, innovatively and cost-effectively - without any time delays and uncertainties that approval in individual cases can entail.

Applicants for an approval notice often do not want a transition from building inspectorate approval to a standard. Economically, this means that the standardized product can be manufactured in the future by anyone who has the appropriate means and knowledge. Standard products can no longer be protected by property rights such as a patent, utility model or trademark. In addition, a previous product holder can no longer change or optimize a standardized product.

What you should also know

Not every construction product receives approval. The approval can therefore be revoked if the respective requirements are not met or if the subject cannot prove itself in the tests. As soon as you use a construction product with a building inspectorate approval, a copy of the approval notice must be available at each construction site. In addition, the manufacturer is required to provide proof of conformity, and the object of approval must be provided with the label stated in the approval notice.

If you are unsure which products require approval, you can get an overview of the current status of the approvals in the DIBt's general building inspectorate approvals. Good to know: Safety-relevant construction products are always subject to approval if they do not appear in the building regulations list and if they are listed in it, but differ significantly.

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