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Door squeaks - you can do that
Door squeaks - you can do that

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Squeaky doors are extremely uncomfortable. This can be done with simple measures. Find out here what these are and why home remedies should not be used.

Squeaky doors are an unreasonable demand for all residents. Because doors are opened and closed several times a day and therefore have to endure a lot. Those who are particularly sensitive to the unpleasant noise quickly lose their nerves. You can put an end to squeaking with just a few measures.

Oil the hinges of squeaky doors

The most common reason for squeaky doors are the hinges. To be able to work on them, you should lift the door off its hinges and set it aside. Before the mandrel can be oiled, it is advisable to clean it thoroughly. To do this, vacuum the hinges with a vacuum cleaner and then clean them with a rag. Avoid blowing out the dirt, as this tends to push the dust into the corners.

If it is an outer door, i.e. the front door, chemical rust remover should also be applied. Because rust also causes doors to squeak over time.

To oil the fishing rods, it is best to use bicycle oil or sewing machine oil, as these do not dry up easily. Graphite grease and engine oil are also used occasionally. Put a few drops of the oil on a rag and use it to drive the hinges around. Doors that cannot be removed can be treated with a so-called penetrating oil. This is simply sprayed onto the hinge.

If your house still has very old doors, the hinges may have oil holes. Simply drop some oil in and the squeak should be gone. Nevertheless, the door should also be cleaned regularly here.

Avoid home remedies for squeaky doors

Known household remedies such as wax, hairspray, cooking oil, butter or petroleum jelly are often used to lubricate doors. Even if the means mentioned interrupt the squeak for a short time, these are not permanent solutions. With hairspray, the noise returns very soon, petroleum jelly causes a thick, black paste on the hinge and cooking oil and butter spread an unpleasant smell in the house. So if you want to eliminate the squeak in the long run, you should refrain from home remedies and opt for the previously mentioned remedies such as bicycle oil.

Maintain doors regularly

New doors can also start to squeak over time. However, to keep them intact for as long as possible, there are a few tips to consider. In addition to regular cleaning of the hinges, the door should not be overused. For example, avoid the door slamming hard - a door stop can be helpful here.

What to do if the door is stuck?

Squeaky doors are processed quickly. But what to do if the door is stuck? The reason for this is usually the door leaf, which is no longer properly seated in the frame. In this case, try to readjust the door by unscrewing the hinges on the door leaf and frame. Occasionally, too thick a layer of lacquer is the reason for the pinching. It is best to sand the varnish and then paint the area thinly.

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