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Household: induction surfaces and new technologies
Household: induction surfaces and new technologies

Video: Household: induction surfaces and new technologies

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Induction hobs combine several advantages of gas and radiant heat.

Induction surfaces

The electromagnetic field underneath the glass ceramic does not generate the heat on the glass ceramic hob, but in the bottom of the pot or pan. Water boils in this way after 3-4 minutes.

While gas and conventional ceramic hobs can handle almost any pot, induction fields require special dishes that have a magnetic base. Test: just hold a magnet on it. Heavy enamel pots made of steel and cast or wrought iron pans do the same. The right pan size doesn't matter on zoneless hobs: where there is a pan base, there is also induction heat. Induction hobs are significantly more expensive than conventional electric hobs, so those who opt for this type of cooking primarily value convenience and time savings. Disadvantage: Induction fields whir and hum can annoy people and dogs. And older pacemakers have no business in the immediate vicinity of the hob.

Bratsensorik beim Induktionsfeld, Bosch
Bratsensorik beim Induktionsfeld, Bosch

Reliable: The roasting sensors measure the temperature below the glass ceramic in the induction field and keep it constant. Bosch

Photo: Bosch

new technologies

In contrast to the oven and refrigerator, there are currently no energy efficiency classes for hobs. The developers have focused on convenient additional properties that make cooking safer.

  • Gas ceramic hobs now also offer a post-cooking function; Childproof lock, fully electronic ignition and residual heat indicator are included.
  • Bosch cooking and roasting sensors integrated into the hob measure the temperature in the pan and pan and keep it at the desired level, overcooking excluded. As a result, power consumption is kept to a minimum, in particular because the cooking sensor system allows the lid to be kept closed.
  • You can use all enamel and cast pots, suitable stainless steel pots have an adhesive strip that the

    Infrared rays from the sensor are reflected.

  • Matching programs such as an automatic parboiler make cooking easier without constant supervision. For example, the potato water is brought to a boil at the highest level and then automatically reduced until the potatoes are cooked.
  • In the meantime, you no longer have to operate a large number of buttons and keys; the programs are controlled and the cooking zones selected using a control panel.
  • The automatic switch-off prevents damage to pots and the hob if you forget to switch it off or liquid and other things get lost on the user interface. There are other automatic programs for cooking pasta, rice pudding and fish or frying schnitzel and steak.
  • Locking the hob as protection against adjustment or unintentional use is standard.
  • The "pause button" is useful for forgetful people when the phone rings or the postman is at the door. The hob can be reactivated later at the push of a button and set to the same power level before it was canceled. Burning or overcooking should be avoided.

Cooking technology: advantages and disadvantages

Gas stove Radiant heat hob Induction hob
+ high energy efficiency - low energy efficiency + more efficient than radiant heat
+ very quick heating - slow heating + very quick heating
- no re-cooking possible + Cooking possible + no scorching of food waste
+ low energy consumption + inexpensive to buy - expensive to buy
+ works with any cookware + works with any cookware - magnetic pots and pans necessary
- Gas connection necessary Burning in leftovers - Cooking noises

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