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Sewing art: finish chair cushion
Sewing art: finish chair cushion

Video: Sewing art: finish chair cushion

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Video: #DIY Chair Pad With Tie | Chair Cushion | tutorial 2023, January

The chair cushions will be ready soon - only their straps are missing. Instructions and a great book tip on machine embroidery can be found here.


  • Make the four straps for the seat cushion. Cut a 4x60 cm strip of fabric A for each pair. Beat 1 cm to the left on each of the two longitudinal edges; iron; then the same on the narrow sides. Fold the strip lengthways in the middle left to left, pin and staple. Quilt the three outer edges with a narrow edge. Cut each band in two.
  • Transfer the template of the final size of the seat cushion to the left side (lining) of one of the quilted parts using a water-soluble pen or tailor's chalk, also marking the position of the bands. Pin right to right and with the ribbons between the front and back and staple. Stitch together along the marked seam line; leave an opening between the bands. Remove the staple thread.
  • Shorten the seam allowance to 6 mm and turn the pillow to the right side. Close the opening with a ladder stitch.
Buch Einfach Maschinensticken
Buch Einfach Maschinensticken

Book Simply Machine Embroidery


Book tip

More than 20 colorful embroidered home textiles with illustrated step-by-step instructions. In addition, an introduction to machine embroidery and information on the most important hand stitches.

Simply machine embroidery

Jayne Emerson, 112 pages, 19.90 euros, main publisher.

Here you can order the book directly.


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