LBS real estate price index for 1,000 cities now online
LBS real estate price index for 1,000 cities now online

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The LBS Real Estate Price List 2019, which provides a comprehensive picture of the housing market situation in Germany, is now available online. At you can view typical prices for homes, condominiums and building land in 1, 000 cities and municipalities as well as in over 100 districts of the 14 largest cities in Germany. Search and filter functions make it possible to search the price table for numerous criteria. The price data are collected each spring from the real estate market experts from LBS and Sparkassen.

In addition to the price information for new and used properties, interested parties can also call up brief analyzes of construction activity, housing and property stock and the formation of home ownership. The relevant macroeconomic factors, such as the development of income and savings rate as well as construction prices and rents, are also graphically prepared and provided with short explanatory texts. Numerous statistical overviews are available as "long series" and show the developments beyond a ten-year period.

Markt für Wohnimmobilien 2019
Markt für Wohnimmobilien 2019

The booklet “Market for Residential Real Estate 2019” can be ordered from LBS.

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Price searches can be conveniently carried out using a map of Germany with the "mouse-over and zoom function". With additional search and filter functions, you can search for the cheapest cities in all of Germany, in individual federal states or by means of an individual city comparison - in each case selectable by land, condominiums or homes. The rates of change from previous years can also be called up. These results are also available for download. Texts and graphics can be tweeted, posted or shared using the usual tools.

At the same time, the LBS real estate price index will continue to be published as part of the brochure "Market for residential real estate".

You can read an assessment of the data collected and a forecast for property prices in Germany 2019 in our expert interview.

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