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Timetable to own home
Timetable to own home
Video: Timetable to own home
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Who would not like to build a family home while the children are still small? With good planning, the use of building loan contracts and a portion of savings discipline, you can reach your “home” destination even before your 40th birthday.

Start - practice early

The first building society contract often comes as a gift from far-sighted parents, for example to school. The child experiences how his credit with money gifts and his own small savings increases steadily.

Second stop - take bonuses with you

The state rewards young home savers from the age of 16 with the housing construction premium. The full premium (around 45 euros per year) will flow if 512 euros are paid into the home savings contract each year. This encourages young people to save.

Third station - finally of age, finally own merit

When moving out of their parents' house, young people often use their home savings credit for purchases. A follow-up contract secures the housing premium and also low loan interest for future property purchases. Trainees also take advantage of the employee savings allowance (43 euros per year).

Fourth station - now residential giants

When you start a job that is subject to social security contributions, it is also worthwhile to conclude a residential Riester contract. Beginning professionals take the full basic allowance (175 euros per year) with a low saving (from 60 euros per year) and receive a one-time bonus of 200 euros if they are under the age of 25.

Fifth station - into your first home

Anyone who saves regularly and adjusts their savings in the event of a salary increase has a ready-to-allocate home savings contract worth EUR 50, 000 in their mid-twenties. Financing of a small apartment can now be started. Instead of paying rent, young owners increase their equity every month. And if the apartment is within reach and the building society contract is not yet ready for allocation? No problem, then interim financing from the Sparkasse or LBS helps with the first acquisition of property.

Sixth station - own children, higher support

With the establishment of a family, the desire for your own home grows. The spouses each have a residential Riester building society savings contract and thus benefit from the state allowances. There is a child allowance of up to 300 euros for each child. Now, at the age of around 30, another building society contract is being concluded to secure interest rates and to accelerate wealth creation.

At the goal - a house for the family

If the building society contract was saved heavily for a few years, the family not only increased its equity significantly. Future builders already know exactly how much money they can spend monthly on loan installments. There is now valuable equity in the small condominium that can be used directly or as security. Together with the building loan contracts, which offer interest rate security right down to the last installment, the basis for solid building finance is perfect. House building can begin!

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