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Clear out and clean up the basement: step by step
Clear out and clean up the basement: step by step
Video: Clear out and clean up the basement: step by step
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Countless boxes, crammed shelves and zero overview: this is how most basement rooms look. Too bad, because firstly it is an unnecessary burden and secondly an unused living space. "Clear out" is the magic word here! We give you tips on how you can quickly clear out your basement and create a proper basement.

Tidying up the basement: How to do it

One last critical look at the chaos, then you can say goodbye to the mess. Now old electronic devices, roller skates, CD collections and old clothes are being examined. We often talk to ourselves that someone would still like to have this old system or the old canvases that no longer fit their own furnishings. But honestly: you don’t want to give away things you don’t like yourself, do you?

As soon as you create order, you feel freer and more carefree. Think about how you can use the basement after mucking out. Would you like to set up a washroom, an art and hobby studio, a sports room or maybe even a wellness area with sauna? All of this is possible! You just have to clear the space for it - maybe you just have to muck out your basement. If a large project is planned, you may also be able to simply expand your basement somewhat. So roll up your sleeves and off you go!

Clear out the basement: step by step

First divide the room into three areas:

  • Area 1: Thrown away
  • Area 2: Will be sold
  • Area 3: Is (actually) still needed and remains

First of all, you should remove all large and bulky items so that you can get an overview. Old shelves, to name just one example. Take each item in your hand and think about when you last used it.

If it was more than a year ago, you can assume that you will be able to do without it in the future. If you have unpleasant associations with an object, then this must also go away. Keep in mind that from now on you want to enter a nice room in the basement. Therefore, you should clean out in a strict and disciplined manner. Old stuff like broken toys, old tube TVs or clothes have lost nothing here. Do not wait for the next bulky waste, otherwise you will postpone the whole project for a few months or even a year and you may no longer have any motivation. Borrow a van that can take you to the landfill right away with electrical waste and all other useless things. At you will find a list of landfills sorted by federal states, including information on what can be disposed of and how.

Tip: Ask for help from friends or family. It's like sport: first, you motivate each other, second, someone outside has a different view of things, and third, things go faster.

Ein großer Keller kann als Fitness- und Wellnessraum genutzt werden
Ein großer Keller kann als Fitness- und Wellnessraum genutzt werden

A large basement can be used as a fitness and wellness room.

Photo: iStock / phototropic

Clear out the cellar sensibly and sell what is useful

Things that could actually be used by someone other than you, such as well-preserved pieces of furniture, can either be sold on the Internet, given away to friends or acquaintances, or brought to local non-profit organizations.

Don't spend too much time thinking about things. In the best case, the cellar should be set up just like the apartment or house under the motto "Only what I like". Give yourself two days to clean the basement properly. If the largest contaminated sites have been disposed of, cleaning should still be carried out. You don't have to have an idea right away how to set up the basement after clearing it out. Existing shelves, which you ideally also tidied up, are simply re-sorted and neatly arranged and possibly moved. Modular furniture, for example shelf systems, can be of great help here: they can be enlarged, adjusted or reduced again and again. So you can always furnish your basement individually.

Mit modularen Regalsystemen können Sie Ihren Keller individuell einrichten
Mit modularen Regalsystemen können Sie Ihren Keller individuell einrichten

With modular shelving systems you can furnish your basement individually.

Photo: Stocubo

Cleaning up the basement: Our to-do list

  • Think about how you want to use the basement.
  • Give yourself two days.
  • Organize a van.
  • Get the bulkiest things out first.
  • Work according to the three-part principle: can go, can stay, is sold.
  • Don't compromise!
  • Everything that has not been used for more than a year is removed.
  • Get help with mucking out.
  • After mucking out: Clean the basement and put the shelves in and around.
  • Label all boxes.
  • Cover seasonal things like snowboards or barbecues well.
  • Provide pleasant basic lighting.
Mit einem aufgeräumten Keller schafft man sinnvoll genutzen Stauraum
Mit einem aufgeräumten Keller schafft man sinnvoll genutzen Stauraum

With a tidy basement you can create useful storage space.

Photo: Clas Ohlson

Feng Shui in the basement

If you are already in the process of creating new premises and bringing fresh energy to the basement, you can also use the Far Eastern method Feng Shui as a guide. According to this teaching, clearing out is good for the soul. Because according to Feng Shui, the basement represents the subconscious of the human being. Somehow logical. You don't see the subconscious, just like the basement. That is why we tend to always put everything in the basement - until nothing works and we then feel overwhelmed. That is why a tidy and tidy basement ensures a better quality of life.

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